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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Jul 30, 2020

OpenPBS v20.0.1 changes

48bcb66 Fix for PBS_SUPPORTED_AUTH_METHODS not honored (#1939)
4e0f9b8 Fix for pgsql version parsing in pbs_habitat (#1938)

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Jun 15, 2020

OpenPBS v20.0 Highlights

Important upgrade note: rpm -U cannot be used to upgrade from an earlier release (because the software name has changed to OpenPBS). Overlay and migration upgrades from v19.1 to v20.0 should work. To do an overlay upgrade: (1) stop PBS, (2) make a backup of your installation, (3) uninstall the older version of PBS via “rpm -e”, (4) install the new OpenPBS via “rpm -i”, and (5) start PBS up again.

What’s New?

  • Faster scheduling via multithreading, better job dispatch (~30x faster), improvements preempting large numbers of jobs (~2x faster), and asynchronous job updates.
  • Faster/better turnaround and utilization via a new BETA feature: “runone” dependencies, which runs the first job possible among a set of alternatives, i.e., run job X or Y or Z, whichever will start first.
  • Faster, more scalable, hook throughput via pre-cached job data and a non-blocking execjob_end event; plus, additional hook events, including pre-resume and post-suspend
  • Native PBS support for the Cray Shasta platform
  • Plugin framework (hooks) upgraded to support Python 3
  • Numerous advance reservations enhancements: supporting multisched, freeing idle reservations via timeouts, replacing failed nodes in running reservations, changing durations, updating allowed users/groups, explicitly freeing some allocated resources (to shrink a reservation), and creating maintenance reservations regardless of node state
  • Long-waiting jobs can “keep their place in the queue” despite startup faults or human errors by converting these jobs to new “start” and “now” reservations (which an admin can do automatically, e.g., based on job size)
  • Accounting records now include full submission information (including dependencies), updates on qalter, and suspend/resume event information
  • Enhanced cgroup functionality: flexible configuration for heterogeneous clusters, control of memory.swappiness, support for “cpu” subsystem, and replacement of old cpuset MOM on HPE systems.
  • Plus, preemption by deletion for non-rerunnable jobs, additional qstat -w (wide) options, smaller MOM disk footprint, ability to hold subjobs, consistent log_events attribute for the scheduler, select statement syntax for pbs_release_nodes, support for multiple authentication methods, and more.

View the full list of enhancements and bug fixes in the commit log.

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Oct 10, 2019

PBS Pro v19.1.3 Release

Commits in this release:
33345be Change pbs version from 19.1.2 to 19.1.3 (#1346)
80f33a4 Make mom accept only privileged requests (#1340)
0f0fa0a Build fails in opensuse leap-15 due to third party issues (#1331) (#1342)

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Jun 21, 2019

** Performing an overlay upgrade between 19.1.1 and 19.1.2 will result in the pbs_mom losing track of running job processes, causing the jobs to appear to run forever to PBS Pro. You must not upgrade from 19.1.1 to 19.1.2 while any PBS jobs are running. Upgrades from versions prior to 19.1.1 do not have this problem, and it is therefore safe to allow single host jobs to remain running during an overlay upgrade provided the published instructions are followed. Upgrades from 19.1.2 onward will not be impacted by this.

Commits in this release:
f1e05f5 PBS doesn't finish already running jobs after overlay upgrade (#1049) (#1154)
f0de9fc database shutdown / server abort relating to duplicate queue creation (#1151)
5338265 Sched crash when array job and reservation is submitted (#1158)

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Mar 27, 2019

PBS Pro v18.1.4 Release

Commits in this release:
4ddbf80 PBS Installation fails on Open SUSE Leap 15.0 with libical dependency (#1054)
13cfd53 Update PBS Pro version number to 18.1.4
ba1c10b Bugfix: reading version correctly from multiline output of psql -V (#1045)
e30ad97 Partial cherry pick of PR 759 for ical3

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Jan 29, 2019

Changes in this release (from 18.1.3 to v19.1.1)

c69bd91 PP-1326: fix dirname: missing operand error printed from PTL related init scripts
2ca43d8 update test case to avoid race condition
a0e5e44 To get the recommended unit file directory to place the pbs.service file for systemctl command
5f60875 Fixing test failures post manager() interface change
dd79ea1 PBS cgroups hook gives error - 'dict' object is not callable
205d9be Remove day argument from log_match
efc7e95 Modifying test_qrun_hangs to address race condition
34f9830 PTL reverts multi-server config incorrectly
cac732b Refactoring: moving find_string to libutil
726499e qmove fix for migration upgrade
9c96636 TestMultipleSchedulers.test_fairshare_usage fails due to race condition
ca53e30 test_subjob_comments failing due to race condition
3009492 Upgrade fails from 18.1.3 to 19.1.1 with postgresql error on Open SUSE
54f497e Added new performance test for node buckets
b4016eb libjob support for SLES15
f46e4b3 Making logging to asynchronous for the daemons
304b199 Race conditions in PTL tests when using manager()
51bb897 Updates for adding a sample hook for Reliable Job Startup
714ae76 Fix crash in tpp_transport_terminate() after pthread_at_fork() executes
4e9189f Fix crash when one daemon with compression talks to another without compression
287f88e increase the default timeout for PTL tests
145fee0 automate pbsnodes -a test
23cbf3a Fix preemption order in tests
34d5c6c Fix test_suspend_time_not_counted_in_walltime by removing hardcoded walltime values
0884b50 PBS Installation fails on Open SUSE Leap 15.0 with libical dependency
2950f33 tests were failing as -h was passed with an option
8080052 SLES15-Cray gcc warning fix
76fc34f TestMultipleSchedulers.test_equiv_suspend_jobs failing due to race condition
8b972d2 fixing the docstring for one of the test in
eb29906 Fix scheduler not logging reason denying reservation
ba6e7bd tests has too few max_attempts for log_match
4edf7c0 PTL expect doesn't work if provided the wrong case
1f8828f PBS schema upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4
299bcfe Interleave TCP/TPP better
f8e9b76 job submission was failing due to incorrect format
16d36f1 Database refactoring to eliminate server name and server hostname
1b3a4fe Add test for subjobs in wrong substate
31208f7 few tests were failing since system has 2 paths for cpuset
dcbd814 Allowing . in job name
18c1fbc Updates for PTL package
c4490e2 Refactoring: removing pbs_config.h includes from .h files
941bbb5 Fix for qrun hang
3f6f235 Disable Nagles Algorithm in scheduler
25deae4 Updating INSTALL readme file to have postgresql-contrib
5412674 Use short hostname in pbs.conf while reverting pbs.conf changes
1133462 job_name validation and PTL test
fef8bf0 Handle rpmlint warning: no-changelogname-tag
3414c3a test_queue_deletion_after_terminated_subjob fails if server restart is slow
60d77bb Package for ptl installation
a87f792 TestFairshare.test_pbsfs fails intermittently
ac5333e copyright header was not accurate for some files
21a1168 Missing call to TestFunctional.setup()
d0f0169 test_prologue_hook_does_not_execute_twic is failing due to incorrect mom
1ebf32d Enhance pbs_snapshot to capture qstat & pbsnodes json outputs
e270920 Database refactoring, creation and using API for the same
c47231d create_import_hook does not check if hook files are copied to moms
0e1a1f4 PTL doesn't revert pbs.conf in setUp
b15ce75 json report of PTL test run
9e1a96f Updates to tests for reliable job startup feature on cgroups
dbb2e7f Fix test test_last_pset_can_never_run
a2af430 Only update jobs that MoM is aware of
a62a350 Logmatch error due to hostname usage rather than shortname
e6b4b19 Handle rpmlint: non-conffile-in-etc,non-executable-script,explicit-lib-dependency,dir-or-file-in-opt
fe355a8 Entity limits not working for job arrays
bd75e3a Fix qsub with multiple arguments
71a1311 asynchronous mom job saves
5e4c2c3 handle windows style path and use snprintf for commit 4ae25fd
24c10cb TestMultipleSchedulers.test_backfill_per_scheduler fails intermittently due to race condition
7a8e0f0 fix server memory leak in fix_indirectness involving indirect resources
03d5e88 missing argument to the function in test
43e5832 few tests from were failing due to short job sleep time
4fc08f9 Create job purge as different process
687e7c5 Fix and PTL testcase for rstat long resv display
4ae25fd fixes to job array wrt -o,-e,-R and direct write qsub options
47093b4 Calling WSAStartup to initiate use of Winsock + adding batch script to differentiate server and host
7879b0e Tests of TestQrun is failing while running qrun command
e3023ed TPP's use of MT-unsafe function netaddr() causes intermittent failures in name resolution
f0b8f36 Address cpuset platform gcc warnings
692ead3 FQDN/TPP address cache causes problems with dynamic hostname/ip environments
76ca6e2 Fix race condition in test_job_array
30877dd test_emails() fails to read email file
3e565ed TestNodePartition fails due to incorrect node id
0197d9b Fix and PTL testcase for missing node attr
374dd7a Fix rpmlint warning: non-standard-executable-perm/setuid-binary
c040ac2 update copyright header
26032c6 Jobid/Resvid wrap it to zero after server restart multiple times consecutively
ed47e9f OSS PBS failed to start daemons on postgres upgrade externally
d57ed81 Fixing timed out issues in TestNodeBuckets by deleting sched log in setup
aa30345 Adding tests for server periodic hook
91ecddc Tests for reliable job startup on Cray and cpusets
88ffaca Job may get marked as 'Never run'
c55d126 Some tests in TestQstatFormats do not get qstat attributes on the fly
3ac7ae3 Scheduler requeue/checkpoint fails when RRTROS is set
eaa0998 PBS server reports expired subjobs to scheduler
7119b69 Add a M4 macro to enable online data compression in TPP
5263ad2 Set PBS_HOOK_CONFIG_FILE correctly in MoM
9e805f0 PP-928: Reliable Job Startup
4de36b6 Fixed race condition in node buckets test test_psets
f62d2fe test_cgroups_race_condition do not skip if cpuset or memory cgroups are not present
430a019 dead code cleanup - dce/kerberos and gridproxy/gss
5f53c75 TestJobArray.test_subjob_comments_with_history is failing due to race condition
ce0cb14 PP-289: Unique Jobid's upto 1 trillion
07b3d14 Allow extra user plugins in pbs_benchpress
28be0cf Race condition in log_match
f429dd1 Fix non-unique session id on Cray on ARM node
1c71ce0 Fix invalid read of size 1 under parse_at_list():lib/Libcmds/parse_at.c
b2a0f10 Log match failures in TestPbsHookSetJobEnv
d1fd159 Race condition in TestEligibleTime.test_job_array
13af16d memory debug logs
828485e Add new OSes in CI and remove all old OSes and hacks from Travis
12de2af fix json escape quotes
762e3da Improving preemption performance
1ec09dd HPMC support for power management
94444ae Address errors from gcc 8 with -Wall -Werror
5408e47 Sched skips marking node for provisioning
6211604 Combine related qstat tests in a single test suite
92bfd6d Tests in Test_acl_host_moms fail when acl_hosts is not FQDN
a0fc038 PP-1310: Tests of TestSchedSubjobBadstate is failing on cpuset platform due to race conditions
2915208 Updates pbs_holidays file for 2018
48a8276 Enhance pbs_snapshot to capture remote data for --with-sudo option
3f1824a Fix for mom crash
0e3b6cb PP-1308: 'test_hold_time_not_counted_in_walltime' of TestMomWalltime is failing intermittently while checking the walltime of a job
54cd559 Update copyright header on PbsPro files
3677929 Fixing node bucket performance test and added checkpoint test
b7beac9 Resolve req_resvSub() memory leak
14ceb11 memory is not freed when action function fails in mgr_set_attr
924f2fd PP-1307: Tests TestSisterMom Fails as it wasn't able to find pbsdsh path
c0dbae7 sched crashes while reordering nodes
4ab92ab Race condition in TestJobComment
390f05e TestAcctlogRescUsedWithTwoMomHooks not skipped when 2 moms are not provided
2c5fefc Timing issues in TestSoftWalltime
de10f53 Windows Fix: default_qsub_arguments -V
185074f qsub fails with buffer overflow error
9d06112 PP-1305: A race in suspend/resume at end of job succeed in suspending but leave job in limbo
1aebaf6 buckets failed to match with placement sets and nodes associated with queues
80b9924 Fix unknown resource memory leak
fa15e9e misuse of qrun -H crashes server
b55857a Copyright updated for files
373f704 Adding new option --with-sudo to pbs_snpshot
66bd8c1 Added ASAP reservation tests
9b7eb46 autogen fails on RHEL-6
c10a91c Provide a pkg-config file libpbs.
7847e71 default_qsub_arguments -V not working
38be635 Fairshare test timing out
05347b3 First phase of code cleanup, removing dead code for unsupported platforms
01850f4 TestOfflineVnode - Race condition in momhook file copy
587d300 pbs_mom not starting; set_enforcement fails to handle arguments without value
5b3c404 analyze_server_log does not return any values if only start time is specified
3cfd366 LIBICAL_API2 macro is defined when libical version 1 is passed for build
7478672 PP-1026: Stranded array subjobs (commit 2: adding more logs)
ce1d366 A qstat job_id.serverA@serverB does not work as specified
d27ef9c pbs.conf variables could not be overridden by environment variables for pbs_server
9b41a8e Scheduler may oversubscribe node while confirming reservation
ad6b982 TestCgroupsHook are still failing if cpuset cgroup is there but no memory
8efab44 pbs_snapshot fails anonymizing accounting records
c8ed25e Build PBS Pro on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed
0be1f0c qstat slowdown due to excessive memory allocation (and zeroing) when displaying jobs using qsub -- /command submission style
2ad0a0a Added microsec logging test for env variable
3b4fc44 PP-1026: Stranded array subjobs after communication hiccup
eb4f302 PP-992, PP-1296: Function add_to_resource_group is adding unwanted characters and doesn't HUP the scheduler internally
41d41d1 Add simple test in AppVeyor
6ebc2c3 Fix for server periodic hook event
1ef25f4 fix pbsprobe buffer overflow
b8eb6ff Added test for run_count<20
eccaa47 pbs_snapshot fails when run from a hook
882f33a fix qselect -q buffer overflow
3bba2d2 Failure of any server hook event that is combined with server periodic hook event
69c04a4 checkpoint_abort not working when server was restarted using qterm immediate and delay.
7318eb3 Sometimes test case SmokeTest.test_fairshare_enhanced fails due to race condition
6904950 Tests for pbsnodes
29d2185 PP-1291: Enhance test to handle error in retklist() and teardown()
92314e0 Test "test_mom_down" and "test_reservation" fail while verifying job attributes
275698d Added extra test for preempt with checkpoint
88fbdfc Fix the typos in the description of pbs_hook_debug_nocrash
8769172 TestCgroupsHook not skipping if no cgroups mounted
9dd6854 Add missing space in variable name
f2277fe test_cgroup_cpuset is failing intermittently on certain platform
5544b33 Fixed bugs in TestPbsNodeRampDown involving shell execution, log matching.
7946441 Skip running Test_systemd on unsupported platforms
8f14821 PP-1292: On Windows, pbsdsh fails with 'pbsdsh: tm_init failed, rc = not connected (17002) (17002)'
1572fa9 PP-1287: do not purge moved job from history before the job is finished
d7cd5c4 cpuset: When cpuset version >=4 make sure libbitmask is available and used
bfa66a5 ical: Replace deprecated icaltime_from_timet
173e312 Fix test_passing_shell_function() to fully test the passed function.
c589e6d PP-1254: PBS starts in the background even when started using init script much after the system startup
f040dd4 server retries to run a job more than 20 times
55e7ae2 'pbsnodes -o' offlines ALL vnodes/compute nodes on a Cray X* series
2ce1aee fix qsub -v mess up shell function formatting bug
2680c86 Additional PTL tests for checkpoint-abort.
63e8021 Fix qsub failure on Windows due to return value of _snprintf() being different from snprintf()
b71e422 fix pbs_init_script test to avoid sudo issues and add tearDown to reset PBS default environment
eef305f test_cgroup_cpuset failing with hyperthreads present
93ecf66 Refactor qsub.c
9bebc14 Fixed scheduler crash with ASAP reservations
fa13fba checkpoint_abort not working
0f530fa Increase timeout for test_cgroups_race_condition
c4d3ad7 Test to check memory.use_hierarchy is only set to 1
64213e8 Scheduler reports preempted job as Can Never Run for one cycle
a9026ae updated test_preemption further
e4454ac Bug fix for Scheduler does a reconfigure after restart of pbs services causing delayed scheduling cycle
b15df97 fix clang warning: use of logical OR with constant if statement always true
4211656 node bucket host sets crash
cc77449 Fix log_match failures in slower testbed machines by leaving max_attempts to default value
5ee7f11 Adding backward compatibility to pbs_snapshot
ed1ecb7 Node stays in state=free with excl resv on server restart
d63d892 PP-1278: Need a skip decorator in PTL which will skip the test without any condition.
d90437c If job in resv exceeds resv end time, future resv fails to confirm
293bce8 Man page updates
237c6ba Node Buckets: A new node allocation algorithm for excl jobs
1410a36 Additional tests for power on off and power ramp rate
f035b9a Check if hook is allowed to change a vnode before trying to cross-link a vnode with MoM
fef5595 duplicate id test fixed
484577a update test_preemption of pbs_equiv_class to avoid the race condition
a1e4336 Added test where hook is failing due to exception.
877f89e qsub: parameter -v with commas in value is broken
47de87c Include pbs_sleep for linux distribution
79ba2fe Added code to verify that snapshot captures the schedulers at non-default location
fc24927 changes to pbs_cgroups_hook test cases for CRAY
149c642 Server state going to "Scheduling" in Failover setup
3a1775c near term excl resvs interfere with longer term resvs
c1bfa42 Adding generic library function - break_delimited_str
2db700a PP-913 Reservation End hook event
9cc3776 PP-1236: few test from 'TestPbsResvAlter' failed due to Bad time specifications error
76ad82b Fix some cgroups tests
ba27370 prevent using GPUs without user awareness
c5223c1 small changes in cgroups tests
97108d4 Additional tests for Job arrays
231e6d2 Refactor cgroup tests and fix node creation
5d209c6 Used create_temp_file to create temp file
e4dd4c1 Add the -b option to the PTL test's aprun invocation
fcfda11 PP-261: Microsecond Logging
c076570 Fix mom crash when deleting job in exiting state.
82ffc39 Fix gpu discovery and assignment for cgroups hook
3cb2bb2 PP-993: When PTL starts or restarts mom, after tests, the mom left behind fails to execute mom hooks
da94148 remove extra destroying of a lock in tpp
91a392a test_cgroup_periodic_update failing in some cases
9ebc93d PP-917: PTL server.create_vnodes() with delall=False not validating correctly
637ba43 fix for mom crash when ALPS returns invalid XML
de321b7 PTL test added to check fairshare usage in TestMultipleSchedulers
c33afa7 PP-973: PTL is not reverting the managers and operators in setUp
b177e5c Additional tests for job_sort_key and node_sort_key for a multi sched
f0df380 hook fail_action 'offline_vnodes' is not functional
72405e5 Job IDs are not unique after a server restart
6526e2e Fix TPP library crash due to dangling retry packet pointer
8f21623 Mem leak fix during ralter standing resv
ac3fd94 updated test_preemption of
b395598 Fixed declare not found error in ubuntu and added requires bash in spec file
eeca1c3 PP-810: Update cgroup hook to work with systemd
ebb8382 Fix prologue hook execute twice on pbsdsh request
12fb2b0 PP-1268: Extend new windows installer to automate server/execution/client/comm config modes
81e7169 Do not power-off/ramp-down cray login nodes
494764a inbuilt hooks missing in windows
210a741 Change in PTL test to wait longer for alps cancellation
344f15a Revert leaks related to interpreter restart in suppression file
446a079 PP-832: PBSPro failover secondary server fails to continuously check whether it needs to start a scheduler locally
54fa95d Additional PTL test for PP-706

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Dec 21, 2018
PBS schema upgrade from 1.3 to 1.4

@subhasisb subhasisb released this Oct 30, 2018

PBS Pro v18.1.3 Release

Bugs fixed in this release are as follows:
3ffce9b default_qsub_arguments -V not working (18.1)
72e45a2 Scheduler may oversubscribe node while confirming reservation

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this Jun 2, 2018

PBS Pro v18.1.2 Release Notes

Bugs fixed in this patch are as follows:

86bf85e PP-756: Upgrading from an older version to the latest mainline version fails to start the PBS daemons
51c1875 remove extra destroying of a lock in tpp

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@subhasisb subhasisb released this May 11, 2018

PBS Pro v18.1.1 Release Notes

18.1 delivers faster scheduling, better job performance, improved utilization, new policy controls and improvements focused on making administration easier. For details on the new features, please see the design documents in the PBS Pro contributor’s portal Project Documentation space at

New features include:

  • Support Intel Xeon Phi KNL Processor on Cray Platform

  • Job equivalence class optimization improves scheduling speed by an order of magnitude for workloads with many thousands of small jobs

  • MultiSched: multiple schedulers each handle separate partitions, with per-partition scheduling policies, speeding scheduling while retaining a single global view of the whole cluster

  • Cgroups integration provides kernel-level resource usage limits, reporting, and isolation, ensuring that jobs sharing nodes run as fast as possible without interfering with each other

  • Green Provisioning(tm) enables power management (profiles, on/off, capping, ramp rate limiting) and energy accounting as supported on systems from Cray and HPE

  • Soft walltime resource can be set to improve backfill calculations and increase utilization

  • Jobs can shrink, releasing nodes that are no longer being used, e.g., during post-processing or stage-out, effectively increasing utilization

  • Job suspend/resume allows specifying which resources are released/retained, allowing better bin packing to ensure new jobs actually fit on semi-vacated nodes

  • Fairshare values can be used in the job_sort_formula for defining scheduling priority

  • Advance and standing reservations can have their start and end times adjusted (via the new pbs_ralter) to accommodate changes in operational schedules (such as late data arrival or longer calculations due to numerical instability)

  • Write stdout/err files directly to their final destinations or automatically delete them, eliminating the overhead (and possible faults) associated with maintaining local copies

  • Enhanced output of qstat (JSON, CSV, and one-unbroken-line formats) make it more admin and script friendly

  • New admin suspend allows node maintenance for nodes associated with a job or set of jobs, e.g., to repair a filesystem issue without killing jobs

  • New periodic server hook event expands plugin framework

  • Improvements in handling secondary groups, authorizing MoMs, placement set creation, job array resilience, per-chunk provisioning, and execjob_prologue execution

  • Improved diagnostics: Debuginfo RPM package, hostname and interface logging each time a log file is opened, new pbs_snapshot tool captures full system state

  • New platform support: ARM64, Cray XC Series, Ubuntu, and Windows

Numerous bug fixes and test improvements. The below is the list of bugs fixed on top of 18.1.beta release.

9a9b82b Update PBS Pro version to 18.1.1
461b4d8 hook fail_action 'offline_vnodes' is not functional
61397fd Job IDs are not unique after a server restart
f976708 PP-1252: daemonized qsub causes foreground qsub failures when it decides to quit.
f1a131e PP-1222: Add skip test for the case when server and mom are on the same host
f04ecec Additional PTL test cases for PP-337 Multiple schedulers
13568cb orphaned subjobs at job_history_duration expiry and a race scenario
22cdb01 Take away xeon_phi_provision hook from non cray platform
e3e0153 In SGI power, refactor log messages and log levels
57fa19e PP-1262: Fix compiler warnings generated with gcc(version 5.4.0) flags = '-g -O2 -Wall -Werror -fPIC -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -Wno-unused-result'
ccdb684 Addressed server and mom leaks involving qselect, resourcedef, dependencies, hooks.
db30f2d Make alps reservation query requests tunable
af385fa PP-1239: win_postinstall failed to register and start the services in windows 10
c2d3d46 After Powering on of the node, job goes into Held state
acd556b Updated cgroups tests in to be compatible on CRAY
dd10d2a Add tests for hyperthreading on a Cray X* series system.
8a88adf PP-1275: Remove max_attamepts specified in TestHookSwig test suite
c318d59 Add deepcopy support to pbs.size type
b00c8db PP-1273: PTL fails to start remote mom
342b938 Fix server memory leaks and remove wrong supressions
bc14a92 PAP-7760: Automate t7-t12 of mom dynamic resource test
aa158da Subjob in X state should not be allowed to qdel
81ecd25 Fixed race condition in log match
f626203 Removing python-magic dependency from PBS Snapshot
fd9a5cd Retain previous scheduling cycle's configuration of Multisched as much as necessary.
82bfedc Add additional tests for server dynamic resources
6a4de9c TestNodePartition is failing due to unknown node error
3c44349 Added a section for log output in the template
3264fa1 Node attribute declarations for ptl testlib
9557790 Valgrind suppress potential unfreed memory in mom and server that are tracked globally.
39ebdfd Fix test_preemption race condition
39278f2 Increase sleep time in test_multiple_job_preemption_order
21db98e PP-1088: Fix TestQstat_json test 'TestQstat_json.test_qstat_bf_json_valid'
3ab72eb PP-1267: Fix script error in TestReservations.test_sched_cycle_starts_on_resv_end test
02c7142 PP-1259 : Deleted subjobs get requeued after server restart or failover
837dc1a Automate t1-t6 of mom dynamic resource test

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