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Please find generated sample data that is useful for testing and demoing OpenPetra.

The files can be imported into OpenPetra like this:

  • Login as user SYSADMIN and password CHANGEME (case sensitivity is important!),
  • and go to System Manager module, Database, Import&Export, select "Restore database from Backup".

You can also use the server console for importing yml.gz files, the command is i for importing...

The following databases are available:


  • just 2 users: demo with password demo, and sysadmin with password CHANGEME
  • one empty ledger, and most lookup tables filled with some reasonable data.
  • this database is delivered with the Standalone installer


  • Several donors
  • Several workers
  • Several key ministries (projects)
  • Several fields
  • Posted and unposted gift batches
  • Posted and unposted invoices


  • Similar to demoWith1Ledger, but contains a ledger with 2 closed years plus the current open year


  • same as demoWith1ledger.yml.gz, but with 2 ledgers.
  • The second ledger with number 44 has a financial year starting in April

All data is generated with benerator.

These files are the base for our generated databases:

  • generatedDataUsedForDemodatabases/*.csv
  • You have to copy the .csv files to demodata/generated

to reproduce the databases, run in your configured OpenPetra development environment:

To create a database with one ledger with one year of data:

nant resetDatabase importDemodata

To create a database with a ledger with several years:

nant resetDatabase importDemodata -D:operation=ledgerMultipleYears

To add a second ledger:

nant importDemodata -D:operation=secondLedger

To publish the demo database, run nant startServer startAdmin and use the e command to write the yml.gz file


demo databases for OpenPetra



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