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  1. openpgpjs openpgpjs Public

    OpenPGP implementation for JavaScript

    JavaScript 5.6k 790

  2. asmcrypto.js asmcrypto.js Public

    Forked from asmcrypto/asmcrypto.js

    JavaScript Cryptographic Library with performance in mind.

    JavaScript 30 13

  3. web-stream-tools web-stream-tools Public

    Convenience functions for reading, transforming and working with WhatWG Streams

    JavaScript 25 15

  4. argon2id argon2id Public

    Argon2id (RFC 9106) implementation in JS & WebAssembly, optimised for both performance and bundle size

    JavaScript 13 2

  5. hkp-client hkp-client Public

    Client for the OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol (HKP) to lookup and upload keys

    JavaScript 7 3

  6. Public

    OpenPGP.js homepage

    HTML 5 12


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