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This is a template with comments to help create apps for OpenPlotter
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This is a template to help create apps for OpenPlotter.

Please, read these comments to edit this file and remove them in your app.


For production

Install openplotter-settings for production and just install this app from OpenPlotter Apps tab.

Your app should be aproved by OpenPlotter team and added to the openplotter-settings main app. It should be written for python3.

For development

Put here all the info needed to install, edit and propose changes to your app.

Install openplotter-settings for development.

Any OpenPlotter app must have openplotter-settings installed

Install openplotter-myapp dependencies:

sudo apt install foo bar

Clone openplotter-myapp:

git clone

Make your changes and test them installing the app:

cd openplotter-myapp sudo python3 install

Pull request your changes to github and we will check and add them to the next version of the Debian package.

Once approved we will add your app to the OpenPlotter PPA repository. Please provide any important info necessary to OpenPlotter team to create the Debian package.


Please add a chapter to OpenPlotter documentation with the info to use your app:


Feel free to use forum to give support for your app.

Thanks for contributing!!!

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