Practices and ideas that empower teams to collaborate and deliver iteratively
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Open Practice Library

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The Open Practice Library provides information about practices and ideas that empower teams to collaborate and deliver iteratively. To learn more about the philosophy behind the library, see

Publishing workflow

Content Writers

  1. On a practice page or the home page hit the Improve or Add new button to launch the CMS.
  2. Login with your GitHub Account. (If you don't have an account you can create one here. Don't worry, it's free to create an account!)
  3. Once logged into the CMS, pick the Practice or How To guide you want to implement or improve.
  4. Update it with your changes and remember to append your github username to the end of the authors list.
  5. Make your changes and hit Save. The moderators will pick up the changes from there!

Content Moderators

  1. Once a PR is raised, the option will be to review for changes or to merge to staging. This will deploy the app to
  2. If the changes look good and are to be promoted to the main domain, raise a PR from staging to master and merge it. The automation will kick in and deploy the site to the main domain


To get started contributing content, see the Contributing guide. To start contributing code, see the Developing guide.

See also: Code of Conduct.