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OpenRasta is split in various packages that can be built independently.

Module Description
openrasta-core The Core module contains the core and portable functionality in OpenRasta.
openrasta-caching Caching support
openrasta-hosting-aspnet The Hosting of OpenRasta sites
openrasta-codecs-webforms WebForms support for OpenRasta
openrasta-codecs-sharpview The SharpView module contains support for a new C# view engine that ships with OpenRasta.
openrasta-codecs-razor Razor support for OpenRasta
openrasta-codecs-spark Spark codec for OpenRasta
openrasta-castle-windsor The Castle module provides support for using Castle Windsor as a container.
openrasta-ninject The Ninject module provides support for using Ninject as a container.
openrasta-structuremap The Structuremap module provides support for using Structuremap as a container.
openrasta-unity The Unity module provides support for using Uniti as a container.
openbastard The OpenBastard module is the regression test suite for OpenRasta.

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