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The OpenWrap repository
Latest commit 9161cae May 29, 2012 @serialseb serialseb Merge pull request #322 from konrad-kruczynski/master
Fixed typo which failed build on case sensitive systems.
Failed to load latest commit information.
build New build file with version enforcing May 17, 2012
demo/src/OpenWrap.Demo Fixes wrong unregistration of events in COM add-in and update binarie… Sep 14, 2011
etc cleanup / renames, finishing project / remote implementation for sync… Jun 23, 2010
lib #297 Re-implement start-analysis based on help from @orangy and @dnes… Jan 18, 2012
preloader Merge branch 'master' of git://… May 17, 2012
src Fixed typo which failed build on case sensitive systems. May 25, 2012
wraps New binaries May 17, 2012
.gitignore Formalizing to project Mar 11, 2012
make.bat Cleanup and make.bat file Jan 22, 2012
openwrap.tests.wrapdesc Adds name input (see #157) Jun 13, 2011
openwrap.wrapdesc Test teamcity builds Apr 6, 2012


OpenwWrap is a pacakge manager for .net.

To get started, read the QuickStart or go to the Homepage.

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