The "VIVO-ISF Ontology" is an OWL2 representation of the VIVO-ISF Data Standard
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The VIVO Ontology Improvement task force is getting started making changes to the VIVO-ISF Ontology that are needed by the VIVO community. The change process for the ontology is being defined at

Volunteer committers and reviewers, please add your username to the list below.

  1. Marijane White (OHSU)
  2. Muhammad Javed (Cornell)
  3. Mike Conlon (Duraspace)
  4. Anna Kasprzik (TIB Hannover, Germany)
  5. Violeta Ilik (Stony Brook)
  6. Alexander Garcia (UPM, Spain)

Need an invite to this organization? Contact Marijane White at

Also, we have a Gitter chat room at where you can come and chat if you like.