Openruko client tool (piggybacks off Heroku client tools)
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Openruko Client Tool


Openruko client tools piggybacks off Heroku client tools, overriding environment variables to point to your Openruko server instead of Heroku. is convenient for debugging, it points to, just like localhost, however it is compatible with Heroku client tools - base host requires a hostname with . or else errors in recent version of Heroku client tools.

CHANGE heroku remote to use the ssh protocol insted of the git protocol, replace to ssh:// in your .git/config


Tested on Linux 3.2 using Bash, Heroku CLI (and via dependency - Ruby)

Going Forward

If openruko gets any momentum then this a little bit of convoluted way to handle client tools, looking into a PPA/Yum repo, or a simple shell script to generate a wrapper and setup openruko
in user's ~/.bin etc..


openruko components are licensed under MIT.

Authors and Credits

Matt Freeman
email me - im looking for some remote work
follow me on twitter