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A full port of OpenSCAD to WASM.

This project cross compiles all of the project dependencies and created a headless OpenSCAD WASM module.


Make sure that you have the following installed:

  • Make
  • Docker
  • Deno
  • lzip (might be missing on some distros)

To build the project:

make all

Or for specific steps:

# Generate the library files
make libs 

# Build the project
make build

# Build the project in debug mode
make ENV=Debug build


There is an example project in the example folder. Run it using:

cd example
deno run --allow-net --allow-read server.ts

# or

make example

There are also automated tests that can be run using:

cd tests
deno test --allow-read --allow-write

# or

make test


The project is an ES6 module. Simply import the module:


<script type="module">

import OpenSCAD from "./openscad.js";

// OPTIONAL: add fonts to the FS
import { addFonts } from "./openscad.fonts.js";

// OPTIONAL: add MCAD library to the FS
import { addMCAD } from "./openscad.mcad.js";

const filename = "cube.stl";

// Instantiate the application
const instance = await OpenSCAD({noInitialRun: true});

// Write a file to the filesystem
instance.FS.writeFile("/input.scad", `cube(10);`); // OpenSCAD script to generate a 10mm cube

// Run like a command-line program with arguments
instance.callMain(["/input.scad", "--enable=manifold", "-o", filename]); // manifold is faster at rendering

// Read the output 3D-model into a JS byte-array
const output = instance.FS.readFile("/"+filename);

// Generate a link to output 3D-model and download the output STL file
const link = document.createElement("a");
link.href = URL.createObjectURL(
new Blob([output], { type: "application/octet-stream" }), null); = filename;



For more information on reading and writing files check out the Emscripten File System API.