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Open Science Wordpress Theme


The Theme together with an Wordpress Installation will provide a customizeable, easy-to-use platform to publish open science content, from ordinary blogging to open access papers. Here just a few of the main functions the Open Science Theme should provide.

Here just a few of the main functions the Open Science Theme should provide:

  • Easy and userfriendly backend
  • Structure content fitting to the open science research process and also non scientific projects and lectures
  • Well suited workflow via templates and customized backend for the different content types, i.e. Paper, Scientific Project, Blogging, related Projects, Courses, Events, Scientists Profile
  • Support of LaTeX, Syntax Highlighting, Referencing, Citing
  • make it easy to subscribe to different content
  • reduced, easy to navigate layout and design
  • use of other open science related projects like github, mendeley or figshare
  • export content in free document formats
  • connect with web2.0 services
  • Early releases on GitHub


First install and configure wordpress and plugins. Then import the advanced custom field menus (XML & PHP) from plugins/acf .

All the necessary informations for this can be found in the documentation (org-file).



v 0.1.2

  • update
  • update configuration and installation details of wordpress and plugins
  • add free university field to courses overview page template
  • validate url function
  • add courses page template

v 0.1.1