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OpenLDAP for OpenShift - Docker images


This repository contains Dockerfiles for OpenLDAP images for OpenShift testing. Images are based on CentOS. Images are NOT meant to be used for LDAP servers in any environment other than the OpenShift Origin test environment at this time. No guarantees are given for the efficacy or stability of images in this repository or those created with Dockerfiles from this repository.

If you are working on developing this image, refer to the hacking document for detailed discussion of deploying OpenLDAP as a Docker container under OpenShift.


OpenLDAP versions currently provided are:

  • openldap-2.4.41

CentOS versions currently supported are:

  • CentOS7


To build an OpenLDAP image from scratch run:

$ git clone
$ cd openldap
$ make build

Environment variables and volumes

The image recognizes the following environment variables that you can set during initialization by passing -e VAR=VALUE to the Docker run command.

Variable name Description Default
OPENLDAP_ROOT_PASSWORD OpenLDAP olcRootPW password admin
OPENLDAP_ROOT_DN_SUFFIX OpenLDAP olcSuffix suffix dc=example,dc=com
OPENLDAP_ROOT_DN_PREFIX OpenLDAP olcRootDN prefix cn=Manager
OPENLDAP_DEBUG_LEVEL OpenLDAP Server Debug Level 256
OPENLDAP_LISTEN_URIS OpenLDAP Server Listen URIs ldaps:/// ldap:///

The following table details the possible debug levels.

Debug Level Description
-1 Enable all debugging
0 Enable no debugging
1 Trace function calls
2 Debug packet handling
4 Heavy trace debugging
8 Connection management
16 Log packets sent and recieved
32 Search filter processing
64 Configuration file processing
128 Access control list processing
256 Stats log connections, operations and results
512 Stats log entries sent
1024 Log communication with shell backends
2048 Log entry parsing debugging

You can also set the following mount points by passing the -v /host:/container flag to Docker.

Volume mount point Description
/var/lib/ldap OpenLDAP data directory
/etc/openldap/ OpenLDAP configuration directory.

Notice: When mounting a directory from the host into the container, ensure that the mounted directory has the appropriate permissions and that the owner and group of the directory matches the user UID or name which is running inside the container.


If you want to set only the mandatory environment variables and not store the LDAP directory in a host directory, execute the following command:

$ docker run -d --name openldap_server -p 389:389 -p 636:636 openshift/openldap-2441-centos7:latest

This will create a container named openldap_server running OpenLDAP with an admin user with credentials cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com:admin. Ports 389 and 636 will be exposed and mapped to the host for ldap and ldaps endpoints, respectively. If you want your directory to be persistent across container executions, also add a -v /host/data/path:/var/lib/ldap argument to specify the OpenLDAP data files, and a -v /host/config/path:/etc/openshift argument to specify OpenLDAP configuration files. Ensure that a file named CONFIGURED exists in the directory you are mounting to /etc/openldap so that the startup scripts do not try to re-configure slapd.

If the configuration directory is not initialized, the entrypoint script will first run and setup necessary directory users and passwords. After the database is initialized, or if it was already present, slapd is executed and will run as PID 1. You can stop the detached container by running docker stop openldap_server.


This repository also provides a test framework, which checks basic functionality of the OpenLDAP image. To run the tests, execute the follwing:

$ cd openldap
$ make test
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