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OpenShift documentation

All OpenShift documentation is sourced in AsciiDoc and transformed into HTML/CSS and other formats through automation that is based on AsciiDoctor.

The documentation published from these source files can be viewed at

Contributing to OpenShift documentation

If you are interested in contributing to OpenShift technical documentation, you can view all our resources that will help you get set up and provide more information.

The following table provides quick links to help you get started.

Question Link

I’m interested, how do I contribute?

See the contributing topic to learn more about this repository and how you can contribute.

Are there any basic guidelines to help me?

The documentation guidelines topic provides some basic guidelines to help us keep our content consistent, and includes other style information.

How do I set up my workstation?

See the tools and setup topic to set up your workstation.

How do I edit an existing topic, or create new content?

See the create or edit content topic to get started.


For questions or comments about OpenShift documentation: