reference to atomic-openshift-master should probably be to atomic-openshift-master-api #2131

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@dlbewley says:

Reconcile the cluster roles:

# oadm policy reconcile-cluster-roles --confirm
Restart the master service:

# systemctl restart atomic-openshift-master

But atomic-openshift-master is masked.

[root@ose-prod-master-01 playbook-openshift]# systemctl restart atomic-openshift-master
Failed to restart atomic-openshift-master.service: Unit atomic-openshift-master.service is masked.

[root@ose-prod-master-01 playbook-openshift]# systemctl status atomic-openshift-master
● atomic-openshift-master.service
   Loaded: masked (/dev/null)
   Active: inactive (dead)
[root@ose-prod-master-01 playbook-openshift]# systemctl  |grep master
atomic-openshift-master-api.service                                                 loaded active running   Atomic OpenShift Master API
atomic-openshift-master-controllers.service                                         loaded active running   Atomic OpenShift Master Controllers
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