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Repository of e2e test plumbing for OpenShift Dedicated
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This project checks OSD releases by starting an OSD cluster and verifying operation through testing


These steps run the osde2e test suite. All commands should be run from the root of this repo.

A properly setup Go workspace using Go 1.13+ is required.

  1. Get token to launch OSD clusters here.

  2. Install dependencies:

    # Install dependencies
    $ go mod tidy
    # Copy them to a vendor dir
    $ go mod vendor
  3. Set OCM_TOKEN environment variable:

    $ export OCM_TOKEN=<token from step 1>
  4. Run tests:

    $ go test -v . -test.timeout 4h


osde2e is configured using a set of environment variables. The options available are found here.

Common ones are:

  • NO_DESTROY: don't delete clusters after testing
  • CLUSTER_ID: test an existing cluster specified by ID

Writing tests

Documentation on writing tests can be found here.

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