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Synthesizing Knowledge of Past Environments

DOI Build/Test Docker Image CI

This codebase provides a frontend only user interface for the NSF supported Synthesizing Knowledge of Past Environments project.

The current UI uses Nuxt 2, VueJS, Leaflet, and Plotly JS.

The application has a basic Makefile for configuration and deployment. A recent version of Docker and docker compose is recommended to set up a local development environment.

Running make for the first time will generate a default file that can be further customized:

  • DEPLOY_ENVIRONMENT can be set to dev, staging, or prod (use dev for local development)
  • SKOPE_API_HOST_URL should point at a SKOPE backend API to serve metadata and timeseries data (e.g., a deployed instance of
  • SKOPE_GEOSERVER_HOST_URL should point at a GeoServer instance with SKOPE datasets and geotiff layers preloaded (see for more details)

Run make deploy to redeploy the application with whatever settings are currently defined in

With DEPLOY_ENVIRONMENT=dev a hot-reloading development server should spin up at http://localhost:3000


  • Allen Lee @alee
  • Kyle Bocinsky @bocinsky
  • Calvin Pritchard @cpritcha
  • Christine Nguyễn @chrstngyn