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OSP Controller ☀️🕹 now on discord

DC -> DC -> DC Solar. With a single used solar panel, a few used batteries, and $40 in parts you can power your life, transportation and all. Add an ESP32 Arduino to a 95% efficient DC-DC buck converter controlled over serial and you get an internet-connected, privately hosted smart solar MPPT power system. Parts list. Instructions. About. Go build one! (And reach out! I'm happy to help)

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This solar controller:

  • Costs less than $35 in total parts
  • Works with 12 - 82VDC Solar Panels, (enabling big and efficient strings of panels!)
  • Works with 4.2 - 60VDC batteries. Directly charge your high-voltage eBike batteries!
  • Is open source, modify it as you wish!
  • Connects to your MQTT smart home
  • Lets you own your own data
  • Gives you graphs and charts about your system from anywhere

But really, head over to the wiki for

Also join the Discord Channel

It's the discussion board to talk shop, get ideas, get help, triage issues, and share success!