The Colorado Top Bar Beehive Design Files
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Assembly Manual

#Colorado Top Bar - v1.0


The AKER Colorado Top Bar is a Kenyan top-bar style beehive designed to be fabricated using a CNC router and standard sheet materials. For more information, visit the AKER Website.

Colorado Top Bar

Source Files

We model each kit in SolidWorks. To access the parametric source files, download the AKER - GrowSquare - v1.0 - file and then establish local file references following this video: AKER - Parametric Models. You can then adjust the model dimensions using the external Equations.txt file.

The Colorado Top Bar was modeled using our updated 2015 modeling workflow, and this source file pack has DXFs in the following formats:

  • 0.5 inch material & 0.25 inch tool or less
  • 0.75 inch material & 0.25 inch tool or less
  • 12 mm material & 6 mm tool or less
  • 18 mm material & 6 mm tool or less

Nesting Layout

Colorado Top Bar - Nesting