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BIMSurfer v3 beta

The all new BIM Surfer. Completly rebuild from scratch. This version only works with WebGL 2.0 It introduces 3D tiles and is focussed on high performance.

There is no official release yet, but feel free to contribute, test and evaluate this version.


BIMSurfer is a WebGL-based IFC model viewer for BIMServer.


Over time there have been various versions of BIMsurfer. You are now looking at the v3 version of BIMSurfer.

BIMSufer Model loader Technologies used
v1 BIMServer XeoEngine
v2 IfcOpenShell/glTF, BIMServer ThreeJS, xeogl, SVG
v3 BIMServer Custom webgl2

Visit BIMSurfer2 here

Selecting which version of BIMSurfer to use

Usage of v1 is not recommended in new projects, because of the dependency on outdated libraries and lack of a stable API. Choose v3 for highest performance, but note that is webgl2 only, which is not universally supported (54% at the time of writing source). v2 can be used solely on static files generated by IfcOpenShell and is entirely built around open standards such as glTF. v3 has an interesting set of additional features such as partial support for 3D Tiles, measurements and up to 6 section planes.