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At present the contents of this repository are drawings created by numerous contributors at an IconLocal design-a-thon at a conference. The current icons posted here relate to security & privacy and more information about the effort is described by @gusandrews in this post about the event

The loose idea of this repo is to apply aspects of open source software development (sharing, iteration, forking, extending, and modifying) to the icon design process.

Getting Started

The following is a work in progress and totally open to suggestions and modifications to icons as well as the process itself!

  1. Fork this respository
  2. Clone your fork to your computer
  3. Work on an icon from the "To-Do" list below
    • Trace a hand drawing to make a vector
    • Duplicate an existing icon
    • Mix & match pieces of existing icons
  4. Save your work with a git commit
  5. Submit a pull request back to this project
  6. Have a tasty beverage & celebrate being an open source designer 😉

To-Do (Security & Privacy)

  • Bad secret
  • Data in transit
  • Data will be sold
  • Data will be shared
  • Data stored on this device is encrypted
  • Data stored on this device is clear
  • Data stored remotely is encrypted
  • Data stored remotely is clear
  • Data will be stored (X length of time)
  • Data transmitted is encrypted
  • Data transmitted is clear
  • Destroy sensitive information
  • Emergency contact
  • Identity unverified
  • Identity verified
  • Malware
  • Message is encrypted
  • Message is clear
  • On a server
  • On my device
  • Protects your identity
  • Protects your location
  • Protects your contacts
  • Reveals your identity
  • Reveals your location
  • Reveals your contacts
  • Tracks your identity
  • Tracks your location
  • Tracks your contacts
  • Their half of the secret
  • Your half of the secret
  • Spy

Next Steps

Once we get through making most of these icons, we can assess how well this process went and then consider applying it to other icons.

Also, at some point we can just add en-masse a bunch of open source icons. However, must be careful not to replicate The Noun Project as they've done such a great job!


Archived since there are many great open source icon sites already which we list on our resources page, also see the same topic for fonts







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