Image building tools for OpenStack
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ianw and tbreeds Update pylint to 1.7.6, uncap networkx
This review squashes:

We need to do this as we can't fix pylint without networkx as that
failes requirements-chak due to us having a cap on networkx and we can't
uncap networkx as part of tripleo-buildimage installs without
constratints which gets us 2.1 and DIB desn't support 2.x

This is the commit message Iac9afc7766d3640815dc20cfd6de1245d36a09cc
One of the pylint dependencies has updated to be python3 only; this
version of pylint correctly caps things so it still works with

This also exposes that we need to uncap networkx due to
I34045f87ca19c2f184b040f4d89347374cce518b.  We should remain on
version 1 for now thanks to upper-constraints, but we need to maintain
the lower-constraint.

This is the commit message Ie894b5801bd7b3815432882cd626941e89d9f9a1
Support different versions of networkx

Since the entry of networkx 2.0 nodes has a different
behaviour. Checking if dg.nodes is iterable is enough to add
compatibility for new/older versions.

Change-Id: I82dc61fac6c156a4f0d574290c7632077aa53195
Latest commit 1107326 Jul 17, 2018


Image building tools for OpenStack

diskimage-builder is a flexible suite of components for building a wide-range of disk images, filesystem images and ramdisk images for use with OpenStack.

This repository has the core functionality for building such images, both virtual and bare metal. Images are composed using elements; while fundamental elements are provided here, individual projects have the flexibility to customise the image build with their own elements.

For example:

$ DIB_RELEASE=trusty disk-image-create -o ubuntu-trusty.qcow2 vm ubuntu

will create a bootable Ubuntu Trusty based qcow2 image.

diskimage-builder is useful to anyone looking to produce customised images for deployment into clouds. These tools are the components of TripleO that are responsible for building disk images. They are also used extensively to build images for testing OpenStack itself, particularly with nodepool. Platforms supported include Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL and Fedora.

Full documentation, the source of which is in doc/source/, is published at:


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All Rights Reserved.

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