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config-generator Use oslo.policy instead of incubated version
doc Merge "Removes temporary fix for doc generation"
etc Update sample config file
examples/pki Example JSON files should be human-readable
httpd Update sample httpd config file
keystone Merge "Tests don't override default auth methods/plugins"
rally-scenarios Add rally performance gate job for keystone
tools Use subunit-trace from tempest-lib
.coveragerc Add tests dir to the coverage omit list
.gitignore Sqlite files excluded from the repo
.gitreview fixes lp:925721
.mailmap Merge "Update mailmap entry for Brant"
.testr.conf Move existing tests to unit
CONTRIBUTING.rst Workflow documentation is now in infra-manual
HACKING.rst Use oslo.log instead of incubator
LICENSE Added Apache 2.0 License information. Create TMPDIR for tests recursively
README.rst Replace github reference by and change a doc link
babel.cfg setting up babel for i18n work
bandit.yaml Tox env for Bandit
openstack-common.conf Remove incubated version of oslo policy
requirements-py3.txt Updated from global requirements
requirements.txt Updated from global requirements Use bashate to
setup.cfg Removes temporary fix for doc generation Updated from global requirements
test-requirements-bandit.txt Move bandit requirement to test-requirements-bandit.txt
test-requirements-py3.txt Updated from global requirements
test-requirements.txt Updated from global requirements
tox.ini Rename sample_config to genconfig


OpenStack Keystone

Keystone provides authentication, authorization and service discovery mechanisms via HTTP primarily for use by projects in the OpenStack family. It is most commonly deployed as an HTTP interface to existing identity systems, such as LDAP.

Developer documentation, the source of which is in doc/source/, is published at:

The API specification and documentation are available at:

The canonical client library is available at:

Documentation for cloud administrators is available at:

The source of documentation for cloud administrators is available at:

Information about our team meeting is available at:

Bugs and feature requests are tracked on Launchpad at:

Future design work is tracked at:

Contributors are encouraged to join IRC (#openstack-keystone on freenode):

For information on contributing to Keystone, see CONTRIBUTING.rst.

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