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Python Shell
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Python bindings to the OpenStack Identity API (Keystone)

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This is a client for the OpenStack Identity API, implemented by the Keystone team; it contains a Python API (the keystoneclient module) for OpenStack's Identity Service. For command line interface support, use OpenStackClient.


Python API

By way of a quick-start:

# use v2.0 auth with
>>> from keystoneauth1.identity import v2
>>> from keystoneauth1 import session
>>> from keystoneclient.v2_0 import client
>>> auth = v2.Password(username=USERNAME, password=PASSWORD, tenant_name=TENANT, auth_url=AUTH_URL)
>>> sess = session.Session(auth=auth)
>>> keystone = client.Client(session=sess)
>>> keystone.tenants.list()
>>> tenant = keystone.tenants.create(tenant_name="test", description="My new tenant!", enabled=True)
>>> tenant.delete()
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