A place to document (and discuss) the OpenTracing specification
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tylerbenson and tedsuo Add tag for service (#119)
Extend the semantic conventions to include the `service` tag. 

* This tag overrides the default "service name" for a span.
* It is only used when a tracer is reporting spans on behalf of another service.
Latest commit f7ca62c Jul 12, 2018


The OpenTracing Specification repository

OpenTracing Specification Official Website: http://opentracing.io/spec.

The opentracing/specification repository is a place to document (and discuss) the OpenTracing specification itself (independent of any particular language or platform).

Historically this activity took place on the docs repo (github.com/opentracing/opentracing.io), but that became awkward since trivial website presentation and highly non-trivial semantic discussions were happening under the same namespace. The specification repository was thus proposed as part of opentracing.io#144.

What's here

There are two important files in this repository:

  1. specification.md, a versioned description of the current pan-language OpenTracing standard
  2. semantic_conventions.md, a document describing conventional Span tags and log keys for common semantic scenarios


By contributing to OpenTracing Specification repository, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its Apache 2.0 License.