A place to document (and discuss) the OpenTracing specification
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The OpenTracing Specification repository

OpenTracing Specification Official Website: http://opentracing.io/spec.

The opentracing/specification repository is a place to document (and discuss) the OpenTracing specification itself (independent of any particular language or platform).

Historically this activity took place on the docs repo (github.com/opentracing/opentracing.io), but that became awkward since trivial website presentation and highly non-trivial semantic discussions were happening under the same namespace. The specification repository was thus proposed as part of opentracing.io#144.

What's here

There are two important files in this repository:

  1. specification.md, a versioned description of the current pan-language OpenTracing standard
  2. data_conventions.yaml, a structured YAML file describing standard Span tags and Span log keys