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Releases: opentrack/opentrack

opentrack 2024.1.1

24 Jun 05:31
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opentrack 2024.1.1 Pre-release

Known issues

This version is buggy! Get the 2023.3.0 version in case you run into errors.

  • issues with opening the camera using the PS3 Eye open driver (please report in #1877).
  • camera settings dialog's values may not persist across multiple tracking sessions (report in #1880).
  • the debug info package is missing .pdb files for Qt.


The 64-bit build should greatly improve performance for tracker/neuralnet compared to 2023.3.0.

However, proto/fsuipc isn't supported anymore and the the legacy CL-Eye driver for the PS3 Eye can't be used. The open driver is recommended.

The 32-bit build doesn't require AVX and can be used by legacy CPUs.


  • tracker/neuralnet now has better performance in the 64-bit build (@DaWelter, @sthalik).
  • filter/accela-hamilton added as a new filter that combines filter/hamilton's proper rotations and filter/accela's quick response time (by @DaWelter).
  • core post-inverting output (i.e. replacing +180 yaw to -180) has been split into separate pre-invert (useful with mirrored camera frames) and post-invert (useful when using output through a virtual joystick or other generic method) (@sthalik).


  • core fix mapping window taking a large amount of CPU time while tracking is started (@sthalik).
  • core fix multiple modules such as tracker/pt randomly failing to load on Windows 7 or even some Windows 10 machines (please report any remaining issues) (@sthalik).
  • tracker/neuralnet now works on Windows 7 (see patch) (@sthalik).
  • core try to fix F13-F23 keystrokes. this might not work or make things worse, please report any bugs (see #1269) (@sthalik).

opentrack 2023.3.0

06 Nov 14:07
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  • tracker/tobii: New tracker by @khoanguyen-3fc.
  • tracker/neuralnet: Pre-release version 0.2 of the neural network by @DaWelter is available in settings.
  • tracker/neuralnet: Fix inverted roll sign (by @DaWelter, reported by @ddzzkunye).
  • tracker/hatire: Add non-standard higher baud rates (by @sthalik, explained by @GO63-samara).
  • i18n: Improve the Chinese translation (by @ddzzkunye).
  • contrib: Add libusbK driver kit installer. It's not being run by itself.


  • filter/ewma: Fix wrong background color in the filter settings dialog (by @ddzzkunye and @sthalik).

opentrack 2023.2.0

24 Aug 18:52
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  • fix crash on startup with very long environment PATH (issue #1661, reported by @wfurney13).
  • video/opencv: apply bugfixes for Windows 11 and enable Media Foundation input.
  • tracker/pt: improved color keying for overexposed pixels (issue #1665, by @tombrazier).
  • tracker/eyeware-beam now has a 32-bit version (by @eyedav).
  • tracker/aruco: enable 1080p resolution.
  • filter/nm: new 'Natural Movement' filter (issue #1666, by @tombrazier).
  • proto/simconnect: fix high CPU usage on FSX (issue #1670, by @tombrazier).
  • filter/hamilton, filter/ewma: minor fixes (by @tombrazier, issues #1671 and #1667).
  • proto/vjoystick: link to the fork with a working Windows 11 driver version (issue #1700, reported by @ackalker)

Discussion: #1706

opentrack 2023.1.0

21 Mar 10:20
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This release build is only available as a 64-bit executable. This is because the SDK for the new tracker tracker/beam is temporarily only available as an amd64 binary.

Only CPUs supporting AVX will be able to run it. Please provide feedback on compatibility and performance compared to older releases.


  • tracker/beam: new tracker for the by @eyedav (Davide Mameli) for the Eyeware Beam.
  • tracker/neuralnet: tracking quality improved by @DaWelter (see 08f1fca for details).
  • tracker/neuralnet: Russian translation by @Perlovka.
  • video/ps3eye: experimentally enable retry of bulk data transfers for flaky USB controllers.
  • tracker/realsense: downgrade to SDK 2016 R2.
  • tracker/pt, tracker/aruco: fix tracking failing to start by not being able to select a camera when only one is available.
  • proto/wine: improvements to Linux head tracking #1620 by @Priton-CE and #1616 by @fsimuser9430.

opentrack 2022.3.2

19 Oct 19:36
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Discussion thread is #1557.

opentrack 2022.3.1

10 Oct 08:53
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This is a bugfix release.

  • Fix tracker/neuralnet position values being clobbered by the Accela filter (found by @Pieloth; issue #1349)
  • Enable AVX support for the tracker/neuralnet module (issue #1359). In case you're using a CPU without AVX together with this face tracker, leave a message in the below discussion thread or open a new issue.

Discussion thread is #1548.

opentrack 2022.3.0

19 Jun 10:28
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  • tracker/neuralnet: add support for operating in higher resolutions (by @DaWelter; #1476).
  • module dialogs can now displayed as tabs even in low resolutions.
  • options: a vendor can ship profile presets with the installer as modules/presets/*.ini. they'll be copied to the user's profile directory under Documents (but won't be copied again if they're deleted).
  • contrib: add libusb installer for the ps3 eye open driver to contrib/libusbK-inf-wizard, to be used with this guide by weczi of IRTrack. this installation procedure is better than the one on the wiki, but hasn't been extensively tested. please report successes and failures in the discussion thread below.
  • tracker/trackhat: implement LED tracking status indicator, add back the gain slider, and fix custom models.


  • tracker/steamvr: update to newer SDK version (report bugs in issues section or the discussion thread below).
  • tracker/wii: fix tracking not working when the window is minimized and occluded

Discussion thread: #1500

opentrack 2022.2.0

11 May 19:10
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  • tracker/trackhat: new tracker using a proprietary board with image processing sensor (sponsored by TrackHat)
  • video: unbreak Kinect as IR camera source (reported by @ernest-cpu, @Slion; #1461)
  • tracker/hatire: enable setting DTR when opening the COM port (reported by @AfromD, #139)
  • tracker/pt: make dialog fit on smaller screens
  • tracker/aruco: camera input MJPEG support (reported by @eexx1; #1431)
  • tracker/neuralnet: camera input MJPEG support (implemented by @TheSpartaPT; #1467)
  • tracker/neuralnet: don't require installing any Visual C++ redistributables
  • tracker/udp: use SO_REUSEADDR
  • opentrack: the default profile can now be customized as modules/presets/default.ini

Discussion: #1469

opentrack 2022.1.1

26 Jan 13:44
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  • don't show embedded module dialogs on low resolutions; override by setting the OPENTRACK_MODULE_TABS environment variable to 0 or 1. issue #1407; reported by @00greena.
  • fix handling of the Escape key with embedded module dialogs. as a consequence of this, the Escape key will now cancel and close the options dialog. report this as issue or in discussion thread if you hate this.


  • allow mouse shortcuts for extended buttons (not left, right, middle or mousewheel). keyboard modifiers like Ctrl or Shift are ignored for mouse shortcuts. issue #583; requested by many people.
  • support multiple copies of the same camera model being connected at the same time. as a consequence of this, you may need to reselect the camera inside the tracker's options, but a migration has been added and should work in most cases. issue #1415; reported, tested and with additional help by @hrafnkelle and @nuxil.


Discussion thread is #1419. Constructive comments and shitposts welcome. -- @sthalik

opentrack 2022.1.0

06 Jan 13:37
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  • fix a bug introduced in opentrack 2021.1.3 that caused choppy output with the PT tracker (thanks to @dglava, @Vortex76, @Len62, @animusVoxxx, @3itZ as well as the Russian IL2 forum). it should work as well as 2021.1.2 even when not using the point filter (see 4b77e13, f51d533, 3272048).
  • grayscale conversion methods are now clearly described in the PT tracker. obsolete averaging method is gone, and hardware-based grayscaling with the ps3eye open driver is optional and off by default (see f531c31).
  • fix a bug where any selection for freetrack output other than 'enable both' caused both registry keys to be cleared (see 7c8fd62).
  • the neuralnet tracker works with no VC++ redistributables installed, particularly on Windows 7 (build only fix).


  • module dialogs are now drawn inside the options window. sponsored by TrackHat Ltd. dialogs that haven't been converted yet are drawn normally.


See discussion in thread #1402.