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@GO63-samara GO63-samara released this Mar 13, 2021



  • Easy Tracker: Adding support for Clip models where three vertices are arranged from top to bottom (by @Slion).
  • Apply dark theme on Windows if user enabled it in system settings (by @Slion).
  • Now the Octopus pose is fully consistent with the aircraft pilot head pose. Also You can now see the mirror Octopus pose if set the Mirror checkbox to ON (by @GO63-samara).
  • More compact size of the main window, as in Opentrack-2.3.10.

Bugs fixed

  • Again, WiiPointTracker now appears in the input trackers list.
  • Updated PS3 Eye open driver (by @sthalik).
  • Easy Tracker: Disable Kinect distortion coefficients usage thus notably fixing badly broken Z component in translation vector (by @Slion).

Known bugs

  • PS3 Eye open driver neglects to turn off the red LED after stopping tracking.
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@sthalik sthalik released this Aug 20, 2020


  • Experimental support for the PS3 Eye open driver! To use it, install libusb as the driver for "interface 0" of the camera device.
  • Add color keying support for the PT tracker: you can now track plain colors (by @a1k0n).
  • Switch RealSense SDK to 2016 R3 for newer camera support.
  • Linux joystick tracker (by @russell).
  • Some improvements to the Linux Proton output method (by @jp7677, @russell).

Bugs fixed

  • Fix .csv logging crash when cancel pressed in dialog.
  • Fix "start in tray" condition inverted.
  • Allow dynamic pose for caps.
  • Support F13-F24 as valid shortcuts on Windows on some gaming keyboards.
  • Fix game detector "enabled" checkbox not reverting when cancel pressed in dialog.
  • Fix yaw/roll jumping when crossing the +-180 border (by @GO63-samara).
  • Add Hamilton filter (by @GO63-samara).
  • Fix vjoystick again (for real this time!).
  • Fix stuck keyboard shortcuts with modifiers when depressing the modifier key first.
  • Update OVR SDK to 1.43.0. Now using the official binary release.
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@sthalik sthalik released this Jan 13, 2020

  • tracker/easy: add new tracker for Kinect.
  • tracker/wiimote: Fix crashes.
  • camera: add Kinect video source, by @Slion.
  • OSX now supports building .dmg installers, by @rvt.
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@sthalik sthalik released this Nov 29, 2018

See the top post of #778 for a partial changelog. There's no full changelog available at this moment, sorry. Please report old and new bugs by creating new issues on the issue tracker. It can be used as a forum as well.

I'm sorry for not crediting bug reporters at this moment. They'll be credited in 2.3.11 final. Also, hopefully this is the last beta for this release.


  • 🍰 implement Kinect tracker (by @Slion)
  • 🔧 main: fix freeze in mapping window while tracking
  • 🔧 tracker/pt: fix tracking for caps
  • 🔧 proto/simconnect: fix it (didn't work at all)
  • 🔧 proto/vjoystick: fix it (didn't work at all)
  • 🔧 🍰 main: change center method

More BETA3 changes

  • 🔧 main: show more ruler lines in mapping dialog
  • 🔧 tracker/wii: fix crash and logic error on startup
  • 🔧 main: fix camera/octopus freezes on HiDPI
  • 🍰 tracker/aruco: add 50 Hz to framerate options
  • 🍰 tracker/pt: scale the camera feed UI better on 320x240
  • 🔧 proto/wine: more robust Wine detection in CMake
  • 🔧 proto/win32-mouse: add legacy mouse move method (drifts a lot)
  • 🔧 main: fix build with Qt 5.11 and above
  • 🔧 main: build faster with GNU Make
  • 🔧 main: show source line in debug messages
  • 🔧 main: disable modules that don't work on Linux
  • 🔧 main: disable modules that only work on Intel
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@sthalik sthalik released this Feb 28, 2018


Here's a new release after a long while. The more experimental features and rewrites were pushed into 2.4.0. This 2.3.10 release however, is intended as stable prior to any big breaking changes.

Developers needed

We need more core developers. If you're interested, send a few pull requests and you'll be granted a commit bit.

Several areas are neglected:

  • The module-agnostic core code needs another hand badly.
  • Linux support isn't continuously tested, breaks often, and lags behind in features
  • OSX-specific code is close to nonexistent. Keybindings don't work.
  • The project's bus number has been one since 2012 and this needs to change.

Compatibility issues

  • Windows XP isn't supported anymore (in official builds).
  • CPUs are expected to have SSE3 (in official builds). It's been a decade or so.

New features

  • tracker/wiimote: by Wei Shuai @cpuwolf. Thanks for continuing development and great collaborative spirit.
  • tracker/wiimote: implement automatic pairing with the Wiimote device (@cpuwolf)
  • tracker/pt: the camera settings dialog now works!!! Thanks to @opencv for accepting the patch so quickly.
  • tracker/pt: show brightness slider value and improve auto threshold
  • tracker/pt: dynamic pose will fix itself when centering (for cap users)
  • filter/accela: euthanize nonlinearity and smoothing options (confusing and useless for almost everyone)
  • tracker/hatire: it's confirmed to work, and not necessary to use anymore
  • tracker/hatire: workaround bad input range on some devices
  • fully portable mode (create portable.txt in program dir)
  • mappings: default max pitch output to 90 in graph. show more scales with lower max input selection.
  • modules: errors during tracking start are now more clear, with messages specific to each error
  • reltrans: add a mode that disables reltrans when close to center (for WW2 sim users).
  • gui: fix on HiDPI screens, even when changing resolution
  • tray: close button must always exit the whole program (reported by @albertolg)

Deferred features

  • Reorganizing some core code that is too messy to understand. Done for 2.4.0 but needs heavy testing.
  • proto/freetrack: fix heavily-reported bug. Needs lots of heavy testing before release. Postponed till 2.4.0.
  • tracker/tobii: initial version postponed till 2.4.0.

Future features

  • Support plugins for obscure functionality (partially implemented)
  • Support Linux joystick input tracker (Linux-specific, low priority, pull requests welcome)

Technical details

  • this is the same version as the experimental build published some time ago
  • Linux build fixes (reported by Artem Sobolev @ljgdasfhk)
  • Improvements in keyboard/joystick code on Windows.
  • Changes in how UI translation is handled.
  • It should all work slightly faster now.
  • You can test a translation by setting the OTR_FORCE_LANG environment variable to the appropriate value, e.g. zh_CN or ru_RU. This overrides your operating system's locale as well as "use English only.
  • Lots of boring code changes only programmers understand. See commit log.


Issue tracker


  • Chinese translation -- (Wei Shuai @cpuwolf).
  • updates to the Russian translation (Alex Orohovatski @mrsanchos).
  • partial NL translation (Mathijs Groothuis @MathijsG).


Now, that was a mouthful. Please report bugs on either the issue tracker or via email, send to sthalik at misaki pl. Please use email in cases where you don't want to register on Github.

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Feb 18, 2018
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