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A free, global traffic speed data set linked to OpenStreetMap.

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  1. OTv2: application to generate and update OSMLR segments (for use by the Open Traffic platform and others needing a stable linear-referencing system)

    C++ 57 17

  2. OTv2: centralized ingest and aggregation of anonymous traffic data

    Python 23 8

  3. OTv2: distributed service that matches raw GPS probe data to OSMLR segments and sends anonymized speeds to Datastore

    Java 14 11

  4. OTv2: OSMLR is a specification for identifying parts of a road network based on OpenLR.

    Protocol Buffer 8 3

  5. An overview of the entire Open Traffic v2 platform and its components

    66 11

  6. OTv2: Docker containers and Jupyter Notebooks for testing Open Traffic Reporter quality using synthesized GPS data

    Jupyter Notebook 6 5


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