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Fix json_tokener_parse() error for unicode string

:Release Notes:
json_tokerner_parse() now accepts capital unicode string

:Detailed Notes:
Hex. characters include 1-9, a-f and A-F. But cjson does not include
A-F. That's why it json_tokener_parse() returns error on \u002F

:Testing Performed:
Checks whether json_tokener_parse() succeeded in strings "\u002F"

:QA Notes:

:Issues Addressed:
[ANG-6517] json_tokener_parse() returns error for unicode strings

Open-webOS-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Junku Park <>

Change-Id: Ibb1ceae421025b7b09cf18b84593f2dd2692b082
Reviewed-by: DCO Verification
Reviewed-by: Junku Park <>
Tested-by: Junku Park <>
Reviewed-by: Keith Derrick <>
latest commit 0f5c23b1b1
Junku Park authored kdopen committed


This repository contains the edition of the open-source json-c library used by webOS.

How to Build on Linux


Below are the tools and libraries (and their minimum versions) required to build cjson:

  • autoconf 2.61
  • automake 1.9.3
  • gcc 4.3
  • libtool 1.5.24
  • make (any version)


Once you have downloaded the source, execute the following to build it:

$ sh
$ ./configure --disable-static
$ make
$ sudo make install

The header files will be installed under


and the libraries and the pkg-config file under


You can install it elsewhere by supplying the --prefix option when invoking configure. For example:

$ ./configure --disable-static --prefix=$HOME/projects/openwebos
$ make
$ sudo make install

will install the header files under


and the libraries and the pkg-config file under



To undo what make install did, run:

$ sudo make uninstall

Generating documentation

The tools required to generate the documentation are:

  • doxygen 1.6.3
  • graphviz 2.20.2

Once you have run configure, execute the following to generate the documentation:

$ make doc

To view the generated HTML documentation, point your browser to:



To build the test programs, run:

$ make check

Linking against libcjson

If your system has pkg-config then you can just add this to your makefile:

CFLAGS += $(shell pkg-config --cflags cjson) LDFLAGS += $(shell pkg-config --libs cjson)

Copyright and License Information

See the file COPYING.

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