The repository for the System Manager for webOS.
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Latest commit 1393f0a Sep 23, 2013 Eric Blade committed with RS102839 remove lunastats from service mapping
:Release Notes:
luna-sysmgr no longer provides the com.palm.lunastats service

:Detailed Notes:
com.palm.lunastats has been provided by the webappmanager package
for quite some time. It should not be listed in the luna-sysmgr service

:Testing Performed:

:QA Notes:

:Issues Addressed:
[GF-13230] Fix LS2 role files for Open webOS

Open-webOS-DCO-1.0-Signed-off-by: Eric Blade <>

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Reviewed-by: Eric Blade <>
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This repository contains the webOS System Manager, which is a key webOS component responsible for:

  • Managing the application and services interface for physical devices such as keys, accelerometer, vibrator, etc...
  • Managing the running of applications and passing of messages between applications
  • Managing the installation and removal of applications
  • Managing the display of applications
  • Managing the sharing of system resources between different applications and services
  • Managing the dock mode status
  • Managing the security policy and access to a locked device
  • Providing for the display of notifications
  • Providing for system menus
  • Providing for the coordinated rendering of applications
  • Rendering webOS card view, lock screen, status bar, system menus, virtual keyboard, notifications, and launcher, in addition to other system management features that viewable in the System Manager User interface

WebAppMgr, now a separate component, is responsible for running Enyo applications.


This component supports the following methods, which are described in detail in the generated documentation:

  • com.palm.ambientLightSensor/control/status
  • com.palm.appDataBackup/postRestore
  • com.palm.appDataBackup/preBackup
  • com.palm.appinstaller/getUserInstalledAppSizes
  • com.palm.appinstaller/queryInstallCapacity
  • com.palm.appinstaller/install
  • com.palm.appinstaller/installNoVerify
  • com.palm.appinstaller/installProgressQuery
  • com.palm.appinstaller/isInstalled
  • com.palm.appinstaller/notifyOnChange
  • com.palm.appinstaller/remove
  • com.palm.appinstaller/revoke
  • com.palm.applicationManager/addDockModeLaunchPoint
  • com.palm.applicationManager/addLaunchPoint
  • com.palm.applicationManager/addRedirectHandler
  • com.palm.applicationManager/addResourceHandler
  • com.palm.applicationManager/clearMimeTable
  • com.palm.applicationManager/close
  • com.palm.applicationManager/dumpMimeTable
  • com.palm.applicationManager/forceSingleAppScan
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getAppBasePath
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getAppInfo
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getHandlerForExtension
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getHandlerForMimeType
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getHandlerForMimeTypeByVerb
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getHandlerForUrl
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getHandlerForUrlByVerb
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getResourceInfo
  • com.palm.applicationManager/getSizeOfApps
  • com.palm.applicationManager/inspect
  • com.palm.applicationManager/install
  • com.palm.applicationManager/launch
  • com.palm.applicationManager/launchPointChanges
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMime
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMimeByVerb
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMultipleMime
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForMultipleUrlPattern
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForUrl
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForUrlByVerb
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listAllHandlersForUrlPattern
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listApps
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listDockModeLaunchPoints
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listDockPoints
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listExtensionMap
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listLaunchPoints
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listPackages
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listPendingLaunchPoints
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listRedirectHandlers
  • com.palm.applicationManager/listResourceHandlers
  • com.palm.applicationManager/mimeTypeForExtension
  • com.palm.applicationManager/open
  • com.palm.applicationManager/registerVerbsForRedirect
  • com.palm.applicationManager/registerVerbsForResource
  • com.palm.applicationManager/removeDockModeLaunchPoint
  • com.palm.applicationManager/removeHandlersForAppId
  • com.palm.applicationManager/removeLaunchPoint
  • com.palm.applicationManager/rescan
  • com.palm.applicationManager/resetToMimeDefaults
  • com.palm.applicationManager/restoreMimeTable
  • com.palm.applicationManager/running
  • com.palm.applicationManager/saveMimeTable
  • com.palm.applicationManager/searchApps
  • com.palm.applicationManager/swapRedirectHandler
  • com.palm.applicationManager/swapResourceHandler
  • com.palm.applicationManager/updateLaunchPointIcon
  • com.palm.display/status
  • com.palm.display/control/getProperty
  • com.palm.display/control/setProperty
  • com.palm.display/control/setState
  • com.palm.display/control/status
  • com.palm.keys/audio/status
  • com.palm.keys/headset/status
  • com.palm.keys/media/status
  • com.palm.keys/switches/status
  • com.palm.systemmanager/applicationHasBeenTerminated
  • com.palm.systemmanager/clearCache
  • com.palm.systemmanager/dismissModalApp
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getAnimationValues
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getAppRestoreNeeded
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getBootStatus
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getDeviceLockMode
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getDockModeStatus
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getForegroundApplication
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getLockStatus
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getSecurityPolicy
  • com.palm.systemmanager/getSystemStatus
  • com.palm.systemmanager/launchModalApp
  • com.palm.systemmanager/lockButtonTriggered
  • com.palm.systemmanager/matchDevicePasscode
  • com.palm.systemmanager/publishToSystemUI
  • com.palm.systemmanager/runProgressAnimation
  • com.palm.systemmanager/setAnimationValues
  • com.palm.systemmanager/setDevicePasscode
  • com.palm.systemmanager/setJavascriptFlags
  • com.palm.systemmanager/subscribeToSystemUI
  • com.palm.systemmanager/subscribeTurboMode
  • com.palm.systemmanager/systemUi
  • com.palm.systemmanager/takeScreenShot
  • com.palm.systemmanager/touchToShareAppUrlTransferred
  • com.palm.systemmanager/touchToShareDeviceInRange
  • com.palm.systemmanager/updatePinAppState
  • com.palm.vibrate/vibrate
  • com.palm.vibrate/vibrateNamedEffect

About the 'unstable' branch

Minor, low-risk changes are submitted directly to the 'master' branch. Periodically we carefully review a set of changes and create a tag, which corresponds to a stable point.

The 'unstable' branch is used for significant changes while those changes are under active development, and allows for the ongoing review of these changes.

How to Build on Linux

Building the latest "stable" version

Clone the repository openwebos/build-desktop and follow the instructions in the README file.

Building your local clone

First follow the directions to build the latest "stable" version.

To build your local clone of luna-sysmgr instead of the "stable" version installed with the build-webos-desktop script:

  • Open the script with a text editor
  • Locate the function build_luna-sysmgr
  • Change the line "cd $BASE/luna-sysmgr" to use the folder containing your clone, for example "cd ~/github/luna-sysmgr"
  • Close the text editor
  • Remove the file ~/luna-desktop-binaries/luna-sysmgr/luna-desktop-build*.stamp
  • Start the build


  • When you re-clone openwebos/build-desktop, you'll have to overwrite your changes and reapply them
  • Components often advance in parallel with each other, so be prepared to keep your cloned repositories updated
  • Fetch and rebase frequently

Copyright and License Information

All content, including all source code files and documentation files in this repository except otherwise noted are:

Copyright (c) 2008-2013 LG Electronics, Inc.

All content, including all source code files and documentation files in this repository except otherwise noted are: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this content except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.