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Provides distributed tracing for Play Framework using Zipkin. It makes possible to trace HTTP calls between Play based microservices easily without performance degradation.

Supported versions

  • Akka 2.5.x (Zipkin1 and Zipkin2 support are available)
  • Play 2.7 (Zipkin1 and Zipkin2 support are available)

Sample projects

How to run sample projects

  1. Start Zipkin
$ curl -sSL | bash -s
$ java -jar zipkin.jar
  1. Run zipkin-api-play27 project
$ cd sample/zipkin-api-play27
$ sbt run
  1. Run zipkin-api-play24 project
$ git checkout 1.2.0 -- sample/zipkin-api-play24
$ cd sample/zipkin-api-play24
$ sbt run
  1. Hit http://localhost:9991/nest in some way
$ curl http://localhost:9991/nest

Then you can see traced data on Zipkin UI (http://localhost:9411/zipkin) as:

Zipkin Screen Shot


All artifacts publish to the group ID "". We use a common release version for all components.

Library Releases

Releases are at Sonatype and Maven Central

Library Snapshots

Snapshots are uploaded to Sonatype after commits to master.