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Contributing to Dev.Opera

We’re looking forward to your Dev.Opera contributions!

  • We pay a rate of $350 for a 2000 word article, so ideally you should try to stick to that word count. Note that we only pay this rate if the article is actually published on Dev.Opera. Also note that we do not pay this rate for article translations.
  • We’re also happy to take in code improvements to the templates, styles and scripts powering Dev.Opera.

We use pull requests for article and translation submissions and code improvements. If you’re not familiar with how this works, check out GitHub’s Fork A Repo and Using Pull Requests guides.

Article submissions

If you have an idea for an article, file an issue with an article idea label, where we can discuss further details.

It’s important that you write your article in Markdown format. Once the article is finished, create a new folder under devopera/articles/_drafts, place the article and all its external resources (images, etc.) inside, and do a pull request.

We’ll then review your submission, possibly request you to make some changes, and once the article is found to be of sufficient quality, we’ll publish it on Dev.Opera.


We welcome translations of published articles. To make this process as smooth as possible, we suggest you keep the following points in mind when submitting a translation:

Code improvements

If you want to file a bug report, or have an idea for an improvement to the site, file an issue with an appropriate label.

If you want to fix something yourself, fork the devopera repo, apply your fix, and do a pull request.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the process, please ask @odevrel.