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Dev.Opera Build status

We’ve rebuilt Dev.Opera as a static site, powered by Jekyll, Sass, and Gulp. In this repository, you find all the source files and content to build the site, make improvements, and submit new articles.

Environment setup

  1. Install Bundler by running gem install bundler on the command line.
  2. Download and install Node.js with the default installer options.
  3. Clone the project by running git clone and cd into the devopera folder.
  4. Install Jekyll, Sass, and all needed gems by running bundle install.
  5. Run npm install inside the devopera folder.
  6. Run npm install gulp -g to install Gulp globally.

Please install the EditorConfig plugin for your editor to keep code style declared in the .editorconfig file.

Environment update

If you’ve set up all the above at some point in the past, and want to update your installation, these are the steps to follow:

  1. Run gem update to install the latest Ruby gems.
  2. Run npm install inside the devopera folder.


To start developing Dev.Opera run gulp, it would take up to 1 minute to:

  1. Build site in a limited mode with only the latest 150 posts.
  2. Start local server on address.
  3. Open it in your default browser.
  4. Launch a watch task for all files.

So now every time you change project files, Dev.Opera will be rebuilt and your browser will update. For HTML and Markdown files it will still take up to 1 minute, for CSS it will be much faster (please request the same fast track for JS or anything else if needed).

Full build and deploy

To build a complete Dev.Opera, run gulp build: it will take a while to build the full site with all posts included in the _site folder. To deploy (sync build with remote server), run gulp deploy.


  • All instructions are for Unix (OS X, Linux, etc.) because Jekyll is not compatible with Windows.
  • You may require write access for all commands mentioned above. Type sudo, space and command if needed.


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