Opera's LDAP-authenticated PowerDNS user interface
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Opera DNS UI

A tool to manage a PowerDNS authoritative server in a corporate LDAP-driven environment.


  • Connects to PowerDNS via its JSON API.
  • Allows login managed by LDAP server.
  • Create zones; add, edit and delete records.
  • Grant multiple users access to administer a zone.
  • Lower access level that allows to view a zone and request changes.
  • Provides its own JSON API for making changes to DNS records.
  • Keeps a changelog of all DNS changes done through it.
  • (Optionally) export all zones as bind-format zone files and store changes in git.


The current version is only compatible with PowerDNS 4.1.0 and higher.

PowerDNS 4.1 has not been released yet. You can use a build from master as long as it has at least the following fix:


As another alternative, you can use PowerDNS 3 with Opera DNS UI v0.1.


  • Apache 2.2 or higher
  • PHP 5.6 or higher
  • PHP intl (Internationalization Functions) extension
  • PHP JSON extension
  • PHP LDAP extension
  • PHP PDO_PGSQL extension
  • PostgreSQL database
  • PowerDNS authoritative server (>= 4.1.0)


  1. Configure PowerDNS:

  2. Clone this repo to somewhere outside of your default Apache document root.

  3. Create a postgresql user and database.

    createuser -P dnsui-user
    createdb -O dnsui-user dnsui-db
  4. Import the database schema from schema.sql:

    psql -U dnsui-user dnsui-db < schema.sql
  5. Add the following directives to your Apache configuration (eg. virtual host config):

    DocumentRoot /path/to/dnsui/public_html
    DirectoryIndex init.php
    FallbackResource /init.php
  6. Set up authnz_ldap for your virtual host (or any other authentication module that will pass on an Auth-user variable to the application).

  7. Copy the file config/config-sample.ini to config/config.ini and edit the settings as required.

  8. Set scripts/ldap_update.php to run on a regular cron job.


Anyone in the LDAP group defined under admin_group_cn in config/config.ini will be able to add and modify all zones. They will also be able to grant access under "User access" for any zone to any number of users.


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