Opera Dragonfly is a fully featured development and debugging tool integrated into the Opera browser.
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Opera Dragonfly


src: source code for dragonfly client

docs: documentation that is not auto-generated

tools: tools needed for building/distributing/testing

Developing Dragonfly

When working on the code base you should use the dragonkeeper tool. See dragonkeeper's README for more information.

Building Dragonfly

Note: It is not necessary to build Dragonfly during development. See above.

Building is done using the df2 tool. For more information, see https://github.com/operasoftware/dragonfly-build-tools.

Running test builds of dragonfly

Open opera:config#DeveloperTools|DeveloperToolsURL and set the URL to the path to the Dragonfly build to use.

Updating translations

NOTE: While translated strings are placed in the src/ui-strings directory, that is not the authoritative location for translations. Strings are kept in Opera's translation infrastructure, which uses .po files. These are not publicly available.

As a consequence, we can not integrate string fixes from volunteers by simply merging new versions of the JavaScript string files.

Translations currently offered: Беларуская (be), Български (bg), Česky (cs), Deutsch (de), U.S. English (en), British English (en-GB), Español (España) (es-ES), Español (Latinoamérica) (es-LA), Eesti keel (et), Français (fr), Français Canadien (fr-CA), Frysk (fy), Gàidhlig (gd), Magyar (hu), Bahasa Indonesia (id), Italiano (it), 日本語 (ja), ქართული (ka), македонски јазик (mk), Norsk bokmål (nb), Nederlands (nl), Norsk nynorsk (nn), Polski (pl), Português (pt), Português (Brasil) (pt-BR), Română (ro), Русский язык (ru), Slovenčina (sk), српски (sr), Svenska (sv), Türkçe (tr), Українська (uk), 简体中文 (zh-cn), 繁體中文 (zh-tw)