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Classified ads is a server-less program for internet communications, including public and private messages. Things you can do with classified-ads include

  • Posting and reading of public messages, the "classified ads" that don't necessarily need to do anything with selling or buying of things ; consider this thing a public discussion forum.
  • Publishing of small set of information about ourself as user of the system.
  • Leaving public comments about operators ; if operator has decided to mark information regarding himself as private-within-group, then only the named group can read the comments.
  • Sending and receiving of messages between operators that are not intended for others to see.
  • Performing of (word-based) searches of content posted into the system.
  • Doing voip calls between operators in the network.
  • Extending existing functionality with Tcl scripts to build applications inside classified ads that can access resources in classified ads p2p network.
  • Using rudimentary general-purpose distributed database for sharing data between Tcl scripts running on each users nodes.

Server-less means that system has completely distributed design, each node in the network implements a "mini-server" that serves other users in the network in form of data storage and data transfer. System has no concept of "service provider" or "server" that would later disappear leaving users without messaging capabilities. For keeping private things private encryption is applied whenever possible. Visit for more details.

Classified-ads is known to work in linux and other unix-like operating- systems and microsoft windows. Most of functionality is on top of Qt library so porting to other environments where Qt is available might be possible.