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  1. gitgeist-poc gitgeist-poc Public

    A git-based social network proof of concept

    JavaScript 126 12

  2. process-explorer-app process-explorer-app Public

    The Android app containing the Process Explorer

    Java 95 16

  3. process-explorer-web process-explorer-web Public

    Process Explorer's web backend and front-end

    JavaScript 58 3

  4. binder-explorer-web binder-explorer-web Public

    Binder Explorer's web backend and front-end

    JavaScript 52 10

  5. opersys-hal-hw opersys-hal-hw Public

    Adds a new HAL type to the AOSP

    Java 47 35

  6. raidl raidl Public

    Reverse AIDL tool

    Java 42 9


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