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Additional plugins for Serendipity Styx Edition.

The plugins contained here are automatically synced via XML with your Spartacus (plugin): S P A R T A C U S :: Serendipity Plugin Access Repository Tool And Customization / Unification System. The XML sidebar or event plugin files in question are synced to contain new or updated submissions when required.

This will fully work with Styx only, which has some bugs fixed in core.

Spartacus related changes for connects

  • Ignore the following since the Serendipity Styx 2.6-beta1 release, see 4th list element Spartacus notes!

  • Spartacus connect changes - regarding plugin updates - require to set this url into the "Custom location for mirror" Spartacus plugin option.
  • Due to bugs in the previous (origin Serendipity) Spartacus plugin versions this does not work without temporary fixing the Spartacus plugin file by dropping this file over the old file.
  • It is a (temporary) helper file, to SET and GET plugin updates from this repository and should NOT be used without wanting to update to Serendipity Styx Edition via the "autoupdater", see Styx 2.1-beta1 and the Styx 2.1-rc1 release notes and (the WIKI) - or better, the Styx Site - Installation Guide - for upgrades!

XML and RSS synchronizing make files (*.sh and *.php) are heftily tweaked to run with my local environment needs. Make your own (these files here are just the origin clones)!


A Serendipity Styx repository for Spartacus remote fetches - highly maintained!



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