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Embedding Oppia explorations in the OpenEdX platform

Oppia is a tool for creating short interactive tutorials (called 'explorations') that try to simulate a conversation with a human tutor. This XBlock allows Oppia explorations to be embedded in OpenEdX courses.

For installation instructions, please consult the latest OpenEdX documentation. You may also find this tutorial useful.


  1. You will need to add the value "oppia" to the advanced_modules field in Studio's 'Advanced Settings' menu.
  2. On devstack, the XBlock does not show up in Studio as a live preview in the editor. However, it does show up in the LMS.
  3. This XBlock also comes with default logging capabilities that make use of edX's event-tracking library (documented here).
  4. This XBlock does not support translations out-of-the-box. For an example of how translations could be implemented, please see this fork.