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Lamp: OpsGenie Command line interface


Lamp is a command line utility to interact with OpsGenie service. It allows users to create and close alerts, attach files, etc. Lamp is used to integrate any management tool that can execute a shell script with OpsGenie. Lamp interacts with the OpsGenie service through the RESTful Web API.

Lamp has a built in contextual help system for obtaining information on available commands, and available options for their use. If you invoke lamp with the --help option, you will see the available list of commands. If you invoke lamp with the --help option with a specific command, you will see the options for that command.

For ease of use apiKey should be set in conf file that lamp will use, for some flexible use cases --apiKey parameter can also be used when executing lamp commands.


  • The API is built using Go 1.4.2. Some features may not be available or supported unless you have installed a relevant version of Go. Please click to download and get more information about installing Go on your computer.
  • Make sure you have properly set both GOROOT and GOPATH environment variables.
  • Before you can begin, you need to sign up OpsGenie if you don't have a valid account yet. Create an API Integration and get your API key.


To download all packages in the repo with their dependencies, simply run

go get

The command will automatically download and install necessary package files and dependencies under the src directory of the GOPATH.

Then cd to GOPATH/src/ and run:

go install


You can make configurations via Lamp configuration file. It's located under


If you want to use a configuration file located in some custom location, you can define it in your commands:

opsgenie-lamp createAlert --message "host down" --config "/opt/conf/myConfigurationFile.conf"


After run go install you can start executing commands using OpsGenie Lamp.

You can create an alert OpsGenie by executing the command below:

lamp createAlert --message "appserver1 down" --recipients --apiKey your_api_key

For more information and command samples about OpsGenie Lamp, please refer to OpsGenie Lamp