OpsGenie Lamp with Go SDK
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Lamp: OpsGenie Command line interface


Lamp is a command line utility to interact with OpsGenie service. It allows users to create and close alerts, attach files, etc. Lamp is used to integrate any management tool that can execute a shell script with OpsGenie. Lamp interacts with the OpsGenie service through the RESTful Web API.

Lamp has a built in contextual help system for obtaining information on available commands, and available options for their use. If you invoke lamp with the --help option, you will see the available list of commands. If you invoke lamp with the --help option with a specific command, you will see the options for that command.

For ease of use apiKey should be set in conf file that lamp will use, for some flexible use cases --apiKey parameter can also be used when executing lamp commands.


  • The API is built using Go 1.4.2. Some features may not be available or supported unless you have installed a relevant version of Go. Please click https://golang.org/dl/ to download and get more information about installing Go on your computer.
  • Make sure you have properly set both GOROOT and GOPATH environment variables.
  • Before you can begin, you need to sign up OpsGenie if you don't have a valid account yet. Create an API Integration and get your API key.


To download all packages in the repo with their dependencies, simply run

go get github.com/opsgenie/opsgenie-lamp/...

The command will automatically download and install necessary package files and dependencies under the src directory of the GOPATH.

Then cd to GOPATH/src/github.com/opsgenie/opsgenie-lamp and run:

go install


You can make configurations via Lamp configuration file. It's located under


If you want to use a configuration file located in some custom location, you can define it in your commands:

opsgenie-lamp createAlert --message "host down" --config "/opt/conf/myConfigurationFile.conf"


After run go install you can start executing commands using OpsGenie Lamp.

You can create an alert OpsGenie by executing the command below:

lamp createAlert --message "appserver1 down" --recipients john.smith@acme.com --apiKey your_api_key

For more information and command samples about OpsGenie Lamp, please refer to OpsGenie Lamp