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Homebrew's CUTEst Tap

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For the Impatient

brew tap optimizers/cutest
brew install cutest [--with-matlab] [--without-single] [--with-pgi]
brew install mastsif  # If you want the whole SIF collection.
for f in "archdefs" "mastsif" "sifdecode" "cutest"; do \
  echo ". $(brew --prefix $f)/$f.bashrc" >> ~/.bashrc; \

What's This?

This Homebrew tap allows you to install CUTEst and related tools inside the control of Homebrew. This has advantages and disadvantages.


  • One simple command to install each tool: brew install tool
  • No need to tweak your PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, MANPATH and so forth
  • libsifdecode, libcutest and libcutest_single are available directly in /usr/local/lib so linking them in is a simple matter of adding -lsifdecode, -lcutest or -lcutest_single
  • installation of a Matlab-friendly compiler is taken in charge.


  • Only OSX and Linux are supported
  • Only one architecture of SIFDecode and CUTEst can be built
  • Cannot easily select esoteric compilers


Brew taps are repositories of Homebrew formulae. In order to use this one, you first need to tap it:

brew tap optimizers/cutest

Now we can install CUTEst and, at your option, the entire SIF collection:

brew install cutest [--with-matlab] [--without-single] [--with-pgi]
brew install mastsif  # If you want the whole SIF collection.
brew install maros_mezaros #If you want the Maros-Mezaros collection
brew install netlib #If you want the NETLIB LP collection

Both maros_mezaros and netlib commands only install data files.

The option --without-single will prevent the single precision library from being built. The option --with-pgi will build CUTEst and SIFDecode with the PGI compilers, which are assumed to be available. The last thing to do is to add all the requisite environment variables to our ~/.bashrc. Each package provides a mini bashrc that contains the relevant definitions and can be sourced. They can all be sourced in one command:

for f in "archdefs" "mastsif" "sifdecode" "cutest"; do \
  echo ". $(brew --prefix $f)/$f.bashrc" >> ~/.bashrc; \

Note: it might be that you have to add the above to your ~/.profile instead of your ~/.bashrc if you are using Yosemite.

If you installed CUTEst with Matlab support, you also need to define an environment variable pointing to your local Matlab installation, e.g.,

export MYMATLAB=/Applications/Matlab/


You can check that everything works as intended using:

brew test sifdecode
brew test cutest


Every time the formulae are updated, brew update will let you know. You may then reinstall them using brew reinstall sifdecode, etc.

Development Builds

If you so desire, you may build directly from the latest sources in the Subversion repositories. All that is required is to pass the --HEAD option to each build command, e.g., brew install sifdecode --HEAD.

Partial Installs

You can install only archdefs, only sifdecode or only mastsif using the command

brew install <formula>

Because archdefs is a prerequisite of sifdecode, running brew install sifdecode will also install archdefs.



Homebrew's CUTEst Tap




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