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A Super Nintendo assembler development framework featuring:

  • Basic system runtime for initialization and interrupt handling
  • 65816 register size tracking macros to minimize rep/sep instructions (and mental overhead)
  • Full set of memcpy/memset routines for efficiently transferring data to different parts of the system
  • Some useful data structures with allocation and accessor macros (FIFO and FILO are currently implemented)
  • S-SMP communication and SPC playing routines.
  • LZ4 decompression
  • Mouse driver
  • Graphics conversion via SuperFamiconv
  • BRR audio encoding using BRRtools
  • ROM image validation via SuperFamicheck
  • Sublime Text syntax definitions

Work-in-progress documentation at

libSFX is developed by David Lindecrantz and distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


A C/C++ toolchain, make, git and a decent command line interface.

Unix-like (Mac, Linux, etc.) systems should be ready to go out of the box. If you're running Windows the best option is to install Cygwin and make sure you include the git and mingw64 toolchain (mingw64-x86_64-binutils, mingw64-x86_64-gcc-core and mingw64-x86_64-gcc-g++) packages.


First you need to build the bundled tools, which are included as git submodules. Simply run make from the libSFX root path to initialize the submodules and build the tools.

Now the toolchain is in place and you should be able to run make from any of the example directories to assemble the source files and link a Super Nintendo ROM image (*.sfc).

setting up a project

For the most basic setup, copy examples/Template to a location of your liking. Then edit Makefile and make sure that libsfx_dir points to the libSFX root directory.

For project customization – for example extending the ROM size, adding SRAM or special code segments, or changing the default stack and scratchpad sizes – the build script looks for two files in the project directory; libSFX.cfg and Map.cfg. If these aren't found (like in the Template project), the defaults inside $(libsfx_dir)/include/Configurations are used.

To override the defaults, simply copy these two files into your project directory and edit them to your liking. In include/Configurations there's a few additional Map.cfg examples. You may also check out the example projects to see how a project can be customized.


libSFX includes the following code and snippets:

  • SPC-700 assembler for ca65 and S-SMP transfer routines by Blargg
  • GSU assembler for ca65 by ARM9
  • ca65 define/undefine macros by Movax12