Profiles for the user account systems of various sites.
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The OPWS Dataset

Profiles of the security support and user account systems of various sites.

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Entries for domains are in YAML files in the "profiles" directory. The filename of each file, minus the .yaml extension, is the lower-case base domain name of the site being profiled.

Domains are listed by the least-specific component of the domain necessary to distinguish it from others: therefore, most sites are listed simply by the second-level domain (regardless of whether or not they use a further domain like www).

Profiles that are meant to match only lower wildcard domains (eg. and but not by itself) use an all-capital WILDCARD for the wildcard domain component (getting around the cross-platform problems that using a character like * in filenames would entail).

When lower-level domains have their own separate profiles (such as Arch Linux's AUR and BBS), their filenames include the lower domain components, like and


The "legacies" directory contains files with names similar to those of "profiles", but the YAML documents it contains describe lists of events noting what happened to sites at those names, such as a move to a new name.

Where you would use this

On sites, or in browser extensions, that deal with user accounts across sites. For instance, this was originally curated as a component of (now Blotpass).

Further info

Information on the subject of deleting accounts on sites can be found at and (and the sites.json it uses).


This database is licensed under the Open Database License (ODbL) version 1.0. See for more information.