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1.0 Introduction

This repository contains two versions of the MyStats utility. This reports on the resource usage between two snapshots in an active database session. It is a combination of Jonathan Lewis's SNAP_MY_STATS package and my own re-factoring of Tom Kyte's runstats utility (also available via or I've also added some functionality and flexibility around the statistics reporting section.

2.0 Versions

There are two versions provided.

2.1 mystats_pkg.sql

This creates via a single PL/SQL package named MYSTATS_PKG. This uses invoker rights and dynamic SQL to workaround the common issue whereby developers are not given explicit grants on the required V$ views but have V$ access via a role. See the comments in the package header for more details and usage instructions.

2.2 mystats.sql

This version is a standalone SQL*Plus script that runs MyStats from your SQLPATH without the need to create any database objects. This can be used if you are not able to create the PL/SQL package version of MyStats. See the comments in the script header for more details and usage instructions.

3.0 Version History

Version  Date            Description
-------- --------------- ----------------------------------------------
1.0      June 2007       Original version
1.1      January 2009    Added extended reporting options
2.0      October 2011    Re-design for standalone script version
2.01     November 2011   Bug-fix for numeric overflow
3.0      November 2015   Added extended snapshot and reporting options

4.0 Credits

  1. Credit is given to Jonathan Lewis for his original idea of taking two snapshots to identify resource consumption.
  2. Thanks to Martin Bach for suggesting (and providing a prototype) for extended snapshot and reporting options.

5.0 License

This project uses the MIT License. See

Adrian Billington (c)


A variation on Jonathan Lewis's SNAP_MY_STATS package to report the resource consumption of a unit of work between two snapshots.







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