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Graal SDK Changelog

This changelog summarizes major changes between Graal SDK versions. The main focus is on APIs exported by Graal SDK.

Version 1.0 RC8

  • Added MessageTransport and MessageEndpoint to virtualize transport of messages to a peer URI.
  • Added Value.canInvokeMember() and Value.invokeMember() to invoke a member of an object value.

Version 1.0 RC7

  • Graal SDK was relicensed from GPLv2 with CPE to Universal Permissive License (UPL).

Version 1.0 RC6

  • Added new ByteSequence utility to the IO package that is intended to be used as immutable byte sequence representation.
  • Added support for byte based sources:
    • Byte based sources may be constructed using a ByteSequence or from a File or URL. Whether sources are interpreted as character or byte based sources depends on the specified language.
    • Source.hasBytes() and Source.hasCharacters() may be used to find out whether a source is character or byte based.
    • Byte based sources throw an UnsupportedOperationException if methods that access characters, line numbers or column numbers.
    • Added Source.getBytes() to access the contents of byte based sources.
  • Added support for MIME types to sources:
    • MIME types can now be assigned using Source.Builder.mimeType(String) to sources in addition to the target language.
    • The MIME type of a source allows languages support different kinds of input.
    • Language instances allow access to the default and supported MIME types using Language.getMimeTypes() and Language.getDefaultMimeType().
    • MIME types are automatically detected if the source is constructed from a File or URL if it is not specified explicitly.
    • Deprecated Source.getInputStream(). Use Source.getCharacters() or Source.getBytes() instead.
  • Context methods now consistently throw IllegalArgumentException instead of IllegalStateException for unsupported sources or missing / inaccessible languages.
  • Added Engine.findHome() to find the GraalVM home folder.

Version 1.0 RC5

  • PolyglotException.getGuestObject() now returns null to indicate that no exception object is available instead of returning a Value instance that returns true for isNull().
  • Added new execution listener API that allows for simple, efficient and fine grained introspection of executed code.

Version 1.0 RC3

  • Added support for logging in Truffle languages and instruments.

Version 1.0 RC2

  • Added Value.asValue(Object) to convert a Java object into its value representation using the currently entered context.
  • Added Context.getCurrent() to lookup the current context to allow Java methods called by a Graal guest language to evaluate additional code in the current context.
  • Removed deprecated Context.exportSymbol and Context.importSymbol.
  • Removed deprecated Source.getCode.
  • The code cache for sources is now weak. Code can be garbage collected if a source is no longer referenced but the Context or Engine is still active.
  • Added Source.Builder.cached(boolean) to configure caching behavior by source.

Version 1.0 RC1

  • Added Context.Builder#allowHostClassLoading to allow loading of new classes by the guest language.
  • Added Value.getSourceLocation() to find a function SourceSection.

Version 0.33

  • Expose Runtime name as Engine#getImplementationName();
  • Deprecate Context#exportSymbol, Context#importSymbol, Context#lookup use Context#getBindings, Context#getPolyglotBindings instead.
  • Remove deprecated API Engine#getLanguage, Engine#getInstrument.
  • Remove deprecated Language#isHost.
  • Deprecate ProxyPrimitive without replacement.
  • Added Context.Builder#allAccess that allows to declare that a context has all access by default, also for new access rights.

Version 0.31

  • Added Value#as(Class) and to convert to Java types.
  • Added Context#asValue(Object) to convert Java values back to the polyglot Value representation.
  • Added Value#isProxyObject() and Value#asProxyObject().

Version 0.29

  • Introduced Context.enter() and Context.leave() that allows explicitly entering and leaving the context to improve performance of performing many simple operations.
  • Introduced Value.executeVoid to allow execution of functions more efficiently if not return value is expected.

Version 0.26

  • Initial revision of the polyglot API introduced.
  • Initial revision of the native image API introduced.
  • Initial revision of the options API introduced.