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Open Source at Oracle

Oracle is the purveyor of the industry’s most widely adopted open source technologies, such as Java and MySQL, and one of the founding members of the Linux Foundation, the Eclipse Foundation, and the Java Community Process.

But what has guided us along the way?

Our mission is to empower developers and continue supporting open source technologies. Through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its 41 cloud regions, we’re providing more opportunities than ever to make open source technology available to everyone.

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All Oracle GitHub organizations

  • Oracle – our primary GitHub organization
  • Fn Project – the container native, cloud agnostic serverless platform
  • GraalVM - projects related to GraalVM, a high-performance JDK with native compilation
  • Helidon – cloud-native set of Java libraries for writing microservices
  • Java Community Process – developing standard technical specifications for Java technology
  • LiveLabs – workshops for building and deploying applications using Oracle's technologies
  • MySQL – the world's most popular open source database
  • OpenJDK – OpenJDK development and related repositories
  • Oracle DevRel – developer code samples, tutorials, and more
  • Oracle GitHub Actions – GitHub Actions from Oracle
  • Oracle Sample Projects – new projects and sample applications
  • Oracle Terraform Modules – Terraform modules for provisioning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources
  • Quick Start – automated deployments of enterprise software on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Verrazzano – an open source enterprise container platform curated by Oracle


  1. docker-images docker-images Public

    Official source of container configurations, images, and examples for Oracle products and projects

    Shell 6.4k 5.4k

  2. graal graal Public

    GraalVM compiles Java applications into native executables that start instantly, scale fast, and use fewer compute resources 🚀

    Java 19.9k 1.6k

  3. opengrok opengrok Public

    OpenGrok is a fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine, written in Java

    Java 4.3k 736

  4. graalpython graalpython Public

    A Python 3 implementation built on GraalVM

    Python 1.1k 97

  5. truffleruby truffleruby Public

    A high performance implementation of the Ruby programming language, built on GraalVM.

    Ruby 3k 178

  6. coherence coherence Public

    Oracle Coherence Community Edition

    Java 413 69


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