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Mongodb Bosh Release


What's new

  • 2017-12-20:

mongodb compilation has been delayed to it's own bosh release. Now only the compiled blob is provided, which allow to considerably reducing compilation times

  • 2018-03-30:
  • Two different blobs condidering the stemcell used for deployments (centos or ubuntu)
  • Enhencing acceptance tests integration


This project is a Mongodb Bosh release. It's entirelly compiled from sources code, which allow to include some features like Rocksdb engine.

As it is compiled with statics libraries, the release could be implemented on ubuntu or centos Stemcell.

What should the Release do

  • Configure a standalone or a set of standalone servers
  • Configure a replica set (Shard and config server are not implemented yet)
  • Complete requirements for mongodb servers (production notes)
  • Install mongodb component (shell / tools / mongod)
  • Authentification using bosh/credhub generated passwords (could be disable)

Packages versions summary

  • Mongodb database and modules version
Package Version Note
mongodb 3.4.7
mongo-rocks 3.4.7
mongo-tools 3.4.7
rocksdb 5.7.3


Clone the repository

git clone --recursive

Create the deployment manifest

An example is provided, update and complete it with your own configuration


bosh -d [deployment name] create-release
bosh -d [deployment name] upload-release
bosh -d [deployment name] -n deploy manifest.yml --vars-store=credentials.yml -v appli="mongodb"

--vars-store=credentials.yml is uneeded if you are using credhub


Mongodb Broker (broker job)

The mongodb broker implements the 5 REST endpoints required by Cloud Foundry to write V2 services :

  • Catalog management in order to register the broker to the platform
  • Provisioning in order to create resource in the mongodb server
  • Deprovisioning in order to release resource previously allocated
  • Binding (credentials type) in order to provide application with a set of information required to use the allocated service
  • Unbinding in order to delete credentials resources previously allocated

Mongodb Broker Smoke Tests (broker-smoke-tests job)

The mongodb broker smoke test acts as an end user developper who wants to host its application in a cloud foundry.

For that, it relies on a sample mongodb application :

The following steps are performed by the smoke tests job :

  • Authentication on Cloud Foundry by targeting org and space (cf auth and cf target)
  • Deployment of the sample mongodb application (cf push)
  • Provisioning of the service (cf create-service)
  • Binding of the service (cf bind-service)
  • Restaging of the sample mongodb application (cf restage)
  • Table creation in the mongodb cluster (HTTP POST command to the sample mongodb application)
  • Table deletion in the mongodb cluster (HTTP DELETE command to the sample mongodb application)

Configuring CF to use Mongodb service

Available Plans

For the moment, only 1 default plan available for shared Mongodb.

Broker registration

The broker uses HTTP basic authentication to authenticate clients. The cf create-service-broker command expects the credentials for the cloud controller to authenticate itself to the broker.

cf create-service-broker p-mongodb-broker <user> <password> <url> 
cf enable-service-access mongodb

Service provisioning

cf create-service mongodb default mongodb-instance

Service binding

cf bind-service mongodb-example-app mongodb-instance

Service unbinding

cf unbind-service mongodb-example-app mongodb-instance

Service deprovisioning

cf delete-service mongodb-instance


Ruby Env Setup

This my setup:

brew install ruby-build chruby
ruby-build 2.4.2 --install-dir ~/.rubies/ruby-2.4.2
gem update --system
gem install bundler
bundle install