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KLARAPTOR: A Tool for Dynamically Finding Optimal Kernel Launch Parameters Targeting CUDA Programs
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LICENSE Initial commit Aug 19, 2019

  • KLARAPTOR is a compile-time tool for CUDA programs which constructs and evaluates a rational program encoding the MWP-CWP performance model to optimize the program’s performance. The tool dynamically chooses a kernel’s launch parameters (thread block configuration) which optimize its performance for the data and hardware param- eters of the current kernel invocation. More details are provided in the following arxiv paper:

  • KLARAPTOR is built in the C programming language making use of (1) NVIDIA CUPTI API to measure low-level metrics, (2) LAPACK for linear algebra, (3) BPAS (Basic Polynomial Algebra Subprograms) for efficient rational functions, and (4) LLVM Pass Framework to connect the constructed rational program and the CUDA program.

  • Install KLARAPTOR by following the instructions in INSTALL.

  • NVIDIA cuda 9.2 or later must be already intalled, also, variable CUDA_PATH should be part of your ~/.bashrc.

  • After installation, you might need to reload nvidia modules. The easiest way is to reboot.

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