MiniTest expectations for Capybara


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If you've used Capybara and RSpec, you've probably used matchers like:

page.should have_content('Title')

With CapybaraMiniTestSpec you can have similar functionality while using MiniTest::Spec:


You can also use the TestUnit style assertions:

assert_page_has_content page, 'Title'

But if you really want to be simple with MiniTest::Unit, you don't need this gem. You can do the following without this gem:

assert page.has_content?('Title'), 'Your custom failure message'

However, if you choose to use this gem, you get Capybara's failure messages as if you were using RSpec matchers.

assert_page_has_content?('<h1>Content</h1>', 'No such Text')
# fails with 'expected there to be text "No such Text" in "Content"'

You can see all the available matchers here. CapybaraMiniTestSpec iterates through those "have_x" methods and creates corresponding MiniTest assertions/expectations.


# Gemfile
gem 'capybara_minitest_spec'

NOTE: If after installing the Capybara gem, Nokogiri isn't installed, it's a known bug (


If you choose to use Rails's default ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest, just extend Minitest::Spec::DSL. E.g.

# Maybe in a helper or something.
ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest.extend Minitest::Spec::DSL

Otherwise you may see this exception: NoMethodError: undefined method 'assert_page_has_content' for nil:NilClass.



In theory, this should work with Capybara >= 2. The latest version it was tested with was Capybara 2.4.1.

For Capybara < 2 support, use a version of this gem < 1.0.


Supports Minitest >= 4. It may work for earlier versions, I just haven't tested it. If you need it to support an earlier version, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Check .travis.yml.


Cucumber is not officially supported. See #10 for a possible workaround.


This gem was tested by basically copying the Capybara spec located in 'spec/rspec/matchers_spec.rb' and altering the test to run with MiniTest.