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A design document is a CouchDB document with an id that begins with _desi
gn/. For instance, the example blog application, Sofa, is stored in a desig=
n document with the id _design/sofa. Design documents are just like any oth=
er CouchDB document: they replicate along with the other documents in their=
database, and track edit conflicts with the rev parameter

This paragraph seems to be written from the point of view of the
CouchDB developer rather than the (newbie) CouchDB user. I would
write it this way:

A CouchDB design document contains the applications design. It is
executed when the application is installed and when the file is
changed. It is written in json. The design document for the Sofa
application might be called sofa.json.

It is stored in the database like any other document. As such, it
replicates along with the other documents in the applications
database. Edit conflicts are tracked with the rev parameter.

The design document is identified by an id that begins with _design/.
The Sofa application would have a design document identified by

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