Templates for the htmlbook backend for Asciidoctor
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christopappas Adding line numbering attribute handling. A "linenums" attribute foll…
…owing the syntax highlighting language on a code listing ( [source,python,linenums] for example) now propegates to htmlbook as the following attribute value pair: data-line-numbering="numbered"
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HTMLBook Backends

This repo holds the backend templates for converting .asciidoc files into .html files in the htmlbook flavor. The repo ships with 2 backends:

  • htmlbook - a set of templates that can be used directly with the asciidoctor gem. This is a direct source conversion
  • htmlbook-autogen - a set of templates that can only be used with the orm_asciidoctor gem. This provides some autogeneration abilities.

One-time Conversion of Books

In this folder there's a script that helps you convert book files written in asciidoc into htmlbook. Before you run it, it assumes you have installed the asciidoctor gem.

Convert a book by running the script like this:

$ ruby scripts/convert_folder PATH_TO_BOOK_REPO

So If my book repo exists in /Documents/MyBook, you would do the following:

$ ruby scripts/convert_book.rb /Documents/MyBook