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Project page

For latest info, files, bug reports, pull request:

What is hostupd?

hostupd is a simple DNS update command-line tool. Its main goal is to simplify the dns-updating task, (e.g. a simpler alternative to nsupdate), yet remain flexible.

Hostupd is written in perl and is based on the Net::DNS module, which implements the client side of rfc2136 (DNS UPDATE). It'll work only if the DNS server supports DNS updates.


Hostupd actually does what bind's nsupdate does, but contains additional features which hopefully will make your life easier:

  • Fast deletion of all the records of some type with a simple command (hostupd del domainname).
  • Makes sure that your change was indeed commited, and lets you know if it wasn't.
  • Friendly commands (hostupd add domainname
  • Simple updates (hostupd add domainname -u).
  • Automatically updates the PTR records when adding an A record, unless disabled.

and some more..


  • Perl Net::DNS module
    • apt: apt-get install libnet-dns-perl
    • yum: yum install Perl-Net_DNS
    • Or manually from cpan...


See the 'INSTALL' file.


hostupd is released under the GPL, see the 'COPYING' file.

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